Matches to Make in 2021 for WWE


By Jace Garcia

While many critics are very harsh on the product that WWE put out in 2020, it could still be viewed as a success. WWE was at the forefront of powering through the COVID-19 pandemic. While other sports leagues and other wrestling organizations struggled to get back during the height of the pandemic, WWE was giving us Wrestlemania. Haters are going to say what they want about WWE but 2020 was a success with everything going on around the world. But now let's look forward to 2021 and what matches WWE needs to make happen to ensure a successful 2021.

Let's start by taking a look at the women's side of things. In the past two years, there have been two women that have dominated both brands and we still have yet to see face off in a storyline. On Friday nights, since Bayley won the 2019 Money in the Bank contract and cashed in that night to take the Smackdown Women's title till she lost it to Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell in 2020, having the longest Smackdown Women's championship reign in history. As for Raw, even though she has been absent since after Money in the Bank 2020 since she became pregnant, is "The Man" Becky Lynch. Lynch gave birth to her child in December and could be slated to make a return to the ring sometime later in 2021. Lynch left at the top of the mountain in the whole WWE women's division, but since Bayley had turned heel she had been nipping at Lynch's heels, but since the absence of Lynch, Bayley is the top women's star in WWE. A feud between a badass who doesn't take crap from anybody in a returning Becky Lynch and the golden role model and most dominant Smackdown women's champion of all time in Bayley would be one for the ages and dare I say one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history.

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Now let's take a look at WWE's tag team division. The Raw and Smackdown tag team divisions have been pretty weak, with Street Profits and the New Day being at the head of the pack and every other tag team seemingly being transitional champions between the reigns of those two tag teams. In 2020 a faction was created that is on the level of those 2 teams so much so before the end of 2020 they took the Raw tag team titles from the New Day, and that is the Hurt Business. Now we have already seen the Hurt Business go up against the New Day, would I love to see them take one a full New Day including Big E? Yes, but I have another opponent in mind for the Hurt Business in 2021. Mr. Vince Macmahon needs to make a call down to Triple H and NXT and it is far past time the Undisputed Era comes up to the main roster. Both of those factions going head to head against each other would be amazing. Bobby Lashley vs Adam Cole for the United States title and Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin vs Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong would regardless of any other matches on the card make for a great pay-per-view. Why just stop at taking Undisputed Era from NXT? If they also bring the War Games match to a main roster pay-per-view between the Hurt Business and Undisputed Era would be electric. Both of these teams going head to head at one another would elevate WWE's tag team division and bring it back to its glory days.

Going into 2020 my match to make was the Fiend vs Finn Balor as the demon, and while I would love to see that match still, someone else has eclipsed Finn Balor for me. In 2021 I want to see the Fiend take on, another NXT call-up in Karrion Kross. They both own the supernatural gimmicks of their respective brands and both have had a lot of success in a small period of time, Karrion Kross former NXT champion, and Bray Wyatt since becoming the Fiend has had two Universal title-reigns. Both of them in and outside of the ring would be fantastic, but to add another layer to how great this rivalry could be is outside both of these competitors, it's who they have in their corner, the Fiend with Alexa Bliss and Karrion Kross with Scarlett. What the Fiend and Kross can do in the ring along with Bliss and Scarlett lurking outside the ring would make for one of the greatest rivalries ever. This rivalry has the potential to be up at the level of the Undertaker and Kane feud, this is the match that the WWE needs to make in 2021.

The last two dominant women's champions going head to head, two of the top factions in WWE right now going after each other, and two of the best gimmicks in WWE facing off, would all be awesome. With a lot of wrestling critics and writers being critical of the product that the WWE is producing, if WWE can put these feuds together and give it to us fans they will ensure a lot of success in 2021.

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