Matt Riddle Accused


Early this morning, Candy Cartwright wrote a lengthy tweet #speakout about Matt Riddle sexually assaulting her back in May 2018.  She went into details about the event resulting in humiliation.  Although there is not an official tweet from Riddle, WWE is looking into the allegations.  Rumors are spreading around the Wrestling Community that Matt Riddle has cooperated with WWE and has a lawyer to begin a defamation lawsuit.  On the other hand, social media has divided their views on this topic.

People on social media are quick to make judgement.  Twitter personnel "Stephanie" tweeted that Riddle's situation is a perfect example of his word versus hers.  In actuality, it is her words versus Riddle because she initiated the accusation.  In this time of our nation being in an emotional depression, people are motivated to speak out.  However, in this circumstances, this alleged allegation should be brought to law enforcement.  

Matt Riddle is set to debut Smackdown tonight.  He may begin his feud with Baron Corbin.  The last WWE blog of Riddle debuting had been deleted. With tonight's show being taped, let's see if their is editing done on Riddle.   Will he make his debut tonight?