Matt Riddle Admits Affair


On Twitter, Matt Riddle acknowledge that he had an affair with pro wrestler Candy Cartwright and denied any allegations on sexual assault.  He stated, "...I have never in my entire life sexually assaulted a man, woman or anybody...and that includes Samantha Tavel (aka Candy Cartwright)."  

Cartwright went on social media using #SpeakingOut movement and wrote, Riddle had forced her to do things during their travel inside a van.  It has been made public that Riddle, his wife, and the WWE knew about the issue long before Cartwright typed away.  

At this point, it is unclear  on the entire situation. There is no police report and Riddle is on the job.  When a person is being accused on a sexual misconduct, more women would come forward.  In this case, there is only one person telling the story.  Furthermore, WWE stated that it was looking into the allegations.  As a result, no substantial evidence was there and Riddle remains on the main roster.  But, the problem still arises as to "he said, she said."  

How does a person believe if the story is credible?  Was it consent? Were you assaulted or harassed? Allen Smith wrote a peer reviewed article that sometimes determining whom to believe is a judgment call.  But how can you get it right?  For Tavel, it looks bad on her because it is being portrayed as she being a psycho or a cyber bully.  People would be left questioning other women that come forward if they were ever victims.  On the other hand, if it were true, she still comes at a lost and probably feel why she ever went forward with the allegations.  

There is no win win situation here.  I do not think anyone will get it right under these circumstances.  As for Riddle, evidence is showing an assumption that he is guilty for adultery.  His wife is on his side.