MITB/Summerslam - The Heat is On!


The Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his Special Council Paul Heyman carried out a State Of the Universal Championship Address. Reigns proclaimed that he has wiped out the competition in Smackdown. Although that may be true, there is one active superstar in which Reigns has many ties to him and obstacles he had to endure. He is no other than Seth "Freak'n Rollins.

Rollins is a grand slam champion, a former two-time Universal champion, a four-time world champion seeking a chance to be the front and only contender for the Universal title. Rollins spoke to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, explaining his thoughts and what would be best for business. It was left that both Pearce and Deville will think about it for the time being.

In the last segment of Smackdown, Reigns vainly stood in the middle of the ring while Paul Heyman made his comments. Once Reigns took the mic, Edge's music came to life, and Edge chased down Roman Reigns. Jimmy Uso would attempt to rescue the Head of the Table. However, Edge speared Jimmy through the barricade.

Pearce and Deville have so much on their plate to make things right. How can they come up with a solution without disappointing either superstars?

Prediction: On the next Smackdown, I hope Jimmy Uso challenges Edge. Jimmy is out to prove that he can do better than his brother Jey as his right-hand man. A stipulation can be addressed if Pearce and Deville get involved. However, Rollins may get involved. I can take you back when Rollins faced Cesaro. Jimmy kicked Rollins in the face during the match. Rollins would eventually lose the match that allowed Cesaro to move on and feud with Roman Reigns.

Therefore, Roman Reigns will be on the outside looking in to get his redemption on Edge. But Rollins vs. Jimmy Uso can happen for MITB or a triple threat match with Uso, Edge, and Rollins. The winner challenges Roman Reigns at Summerslam for the Universal Championship.

One last thing, where does Cesaro fit on all this? Is his feud with Rollins over?

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