Monday Night Raw Results and Reaction


Its Monday Night RAW:

Opening Segment with Drew McIntyre

McIntyre thanked his fans for all the support. Shortly after that, Zelina Vega and Andrade interrupt. Vega congratulated and reminded the WWE Champion that he had not defeated Andrade. The last meeting was at NXT, where Andrade defeated McIntyre or the NXT Championship. McIntyre was forced out due to medical injury.

The match between the WWE Champion and the United States Champion set for the main event.

Women's Qualifying Match for Money in the Bank Ladder Match

In the first match, Asuka defeated Ruby Riott. She scored a submission victory with her finisher.

In the second match, Shayna Baszler tortured Sarah Logan. The Queen of Spades beat her mercy to where the referee had to separate her. Baszler stomped on Logan's arm in which it looked like she may have dislocated her elbow. The referee called off the match.

In the third match, Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane.

Asuka, Baszler, and Jax qualify for the Money in the Bank.

Aleister Black defeated Oney Lorcan.

Black continued his winning streak. However, the match was not as easy as it has been when defeating jobbers. Both Black and Lorcan had exceptional striking abilities and exchanged impressive maneuvers. The Dutch Destroyer finished Lorcan with the hit, Black Mass.

Becky Lynch Promo

Lynch's promo targeted Shayna Baszler. With the three women matches announced for Money in the Bank qualifier match, Lynch continued to talk about Baszler. Baszler is in the qualifying match as she awaits to face Srah Logan. Why would Lynch talk about her? Lynch went on to state that whoever wins the Money in the Bank briefcase, she will still dominate.

That is all good to have that attitude, but history does take its place when it comes to MITB. Champions lose after they finish a match, interfered, or they received a beatdown from another opponent. You never know when the MITB will be cashed in. Lynch needs to realize that and ensure she understands that she is vulnerable at any given time. Rey Mysterio gave a great example in his interview as he will be in a qualifying match next week.

Austin Theory defeated Akira Tozawa.

Theory is now permanent on the RAW roster. It is confirmed by seeing the trio, adding Andrade and Angel Garza, as they beat down Tozawa after the match. The trio standing in the middle of the ring with their fists joined in the air. They look like the movie, "Blood In and Blood Out." Theory is brown in the inside.

Angel Garza defeated Tehuti Miles

Garza's match was next, and it was the same result as to Theory's match. The trio got back together and pounded on Miles after the match. Andrade executed his signature move after Theory and Garza elevated Miles on the top ropes.

Bobby Lashley defeated No Way, Jose.

As I stated on the Podcast and previous blogs, Lashley and Lana together are not suitable for his career. She is kryptonite. Lashley lost to Aleister Black at WrestleMania for listening to Lana. In this match, Lashley had to tell Lana to "Shut-up!" Lashley almost lost the match with Jose's sneaked pin. However, Lashley was able to kick out and spear Jose for the win.

The Viking Raiders defeated Ricochet & Cedric Alexander.

The match is by far the best RAW has put on television besides WrestleMania. These tag teams should compete again and again. The action was superb. However, there has to be a winner, and that is the Viking Raiders. They should chase the tag team titles that are held by the Street Profits.

The Street Profits have never defeated The Viking Raiders. Two tag team matches and one triple tag team match, The Viking Raiders won them all. I do not believe there is a tag team that can stop The Viking Raiders at this moment.

Drew McIntyre defeated Andrade.

It was a champion vs. champion match with no titles on the line. Drew was dominant and, at times, found himself in a situation where Andrade trapped his arm a bit. McIntyre overcame and eliminated his peers, Theory, and Garza. Then, he executed the claymore for the win.

The aftermath was more intriguing as Seth Rollins ran into the ring and curb-stomped McIntyre. This will be the next feud moving forward on Monday Night RAW.