New AEW Title


When WWE debuted their newest title, 24/7 Championship, there were mixed reactions.  AEW's Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks revealed their opinions during Starrcast II.  Nick Jackson compared it unfavorably and here is the following statement with Joan Jalbuena with Wrestling World, May 26, 2019:

"At this point titles don't mean anything. We want to put prestige back in the champions we have. We're not going to have a 24/7 belt. We're going to have titles that matter, and you know what? If it's the women's champion that could be a main event. If it's a tag championship match that could be the main event. We want every title to mean like it's the world championship," declared Jackson.

Cody Rhodes felt bad for Mick Foley when he introduced the belt.  

At Double or Nothing PPV, Iron Mike Tyson showed off the new title belt.  The design brought numerous complaints all over social media.  But, Tony Schiavoni commented that the belt was not finished and that it still needed a gold-plating to add to the title.  

If the championship belt was not completely finished, why would you rush the production and present it on a PPV event?  Common sense will tell me to wait until it is finished and present on television because it is the "TNT Television Championship belt."  

As far as the looks of the belt, AEW is the same as WWE.  The appearance is absolutely Hard Hittin' UGLY! However, just like the 24/7 title, good use came come to this.  In WWE, R-Truth made the 24/7 prestigious with his comical gimmick.  Unlike WWE, AEW has a chance to defend the title each week or so and give the young talent exposure that can add to their resume for future stardom.  

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