NEW - Heat Wave Results


Landon Hale defeated Vargas

"The Now" defeated Brick City Boyz and Battle Academy in a triple threat tag team match.  

TJ Crawford defeated Jaylen Brandyn.  Brad Hollister caused distraction leading to Crawford's victory.  After the match, Hollister and Crawford attacked Brandyn resulting Traevon Jordan to run in to the rescue.  

Vicious Vikki defeated Rebecca Scott.  

Richard Holliday defeated Lucas Chase

Steven Fabian finally closed the case between the relationship of Brad Baylor and Danielle.  The truth is that Danielle is the step-mother to Baylor.  Also, Baylor was caught kissing another women that left Danielle in betrayal.  She slapped Baylor and exited out of the ring.  

KC Navarro defeated Brad Baylor.  It was Navarro's return since losing the NEW Live title.  For Baylor, it is his first defeat as a single's competitor, especially without Danielle at his side.  Danielle looked on and was pleased on the result of the match.  

Dan Maff and Kerr retain their tag team championship titles thanks to the cheating and scandalous manager Vito.   

Traevon Jordan defeated Brad Hollister in the main event.