NEW: The Show with No Name - Predictions


Ovi Muniz announced his predictions for Northeast Wrestling, happening this Saturday in Bethany, CT.  

Traevon Jordan vs Dan Maff

This match will be a singapore cane match for the Northeast Wrestling Championship. Jordan stood toe to toe with the champ and ended up in a disqualification. Jordan pleaded with the owner Mike Lombardi and received an approval for a rematch. On the other side, Vito explains how Jordan woke up the beast and that he will be dancing with no legs.

The match is a no disqualification and both superstars will be using a can to attack each other. Somehow, you cannot trust Vito. I will root for Traevon Jordan but Dan Maff may win with Vito's help.

Tasha Steelz vs Willow Nightingale

Steelz returns to NEW in nearly 3 years with a 4-3 record. She is currently wrestling in Impact Wrestling. Nightingale wrestled in NEW Redemption 2021 when she defeated BRG. She is involved with Women's Wrestling Revolution and New York Wrestling Connection. Pro Wrestling Illustration has ranked these superstars as the top women in wrestling.

This is a pick'em type match and I have to go with Tasha Steelz, "The Boricua Badass."

Matt Taven vs Love, Doug

Taven had defeated Love' Doug at Beyond Wrestling Open last April. Now they will match up in NEW. Expect Taven to handle his business.

Jordan Oliver vs KC Navarro NEW LIVE Championship

Navarro went to the limit and defeated JT Dunn for the NEW Live Championship. He has one successful title defense but records show that he is 0-2 from CZW Wrestling dating back to 2018. This will be Navarro's biggest challenge. I am still choosing Navarro to remain champion and earn his first victory over Oliver.

Kerr vs Wrecking Ball

This will be the super heavyweight match. In their last meeting, Kerr defeated Wrecking Ball. A rematch will take place but it is hard to say how this outcome will turn out. The match was short but with action. I would like to see Wrecking ball win and force a third meeting in the future.

Jaylen Brandyn vs Victorious BRG

Brandyn will have his first singles competition against an experienced opponent, the Victorious BRG. BRG is the leader of the Victorium and Brandyn might find himself outnumbered. BRG is rising to the top and may be near for a title shot. BRG wins this match.

Brick City Boyz vs JT Dunn & Brad Hollister vs Battle Academy - Triple Threat Tag #1 Contender

I like all three tag teams but I have seen Brick City Boyz and Battle Academy lose to the tag team champions Waves & Curls. I am choosing JT Dunn and Brad Hollister to win and seek for the tag team championships.

The Cure - Lucas Chase vs Greg Baylor

Chase gave Baylor a few good liners in his promo about rising up to the top. However, Chase is convinced to stop his momentum and crush his dreams. That may be so since he is a member of the Victorium. I do not believe he will be solo so I wonder if Baylor has anyone watching his back? Regardless, Chase wins.

Cole Karter vs Kylon King

Lastly, Karter is a veteran that has been with AEW and NXT. He is 3-1 in NEW with the one loss from Wrecking Ball. Karter defeated J. Heru, BRG, and Spencer Spade.

King is ½ of the Miracle Generation going solo. It is not the first time he has participated in a singles competition. This match will be an action, non-stop match that may take you out of your chair. I like King but I am going with experience with Cole Karter as the winner.