New York 23 Tampa Bay 3


New York Guardians 23 Tampa Bay Vipers 3 The Guardians were projected to be the worst football team in the league. However, The Hard Hittin Wrestling Crew and the All 4 Downs Podcasts believed New York would compete in the XFL championship. The game turned out to be the way it was predicted from these shows.

New York was led by the starting Quarterback Matt McGloin. He went 15-of-29, 182 yards with one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown. The Guardian's head coach Gilbride returns to MetLife Stadium as he is known for winning two Super Bowls with retired QB Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The team was aggressive from start to finish - controlling the ball and making great plays on defense. Wesley Sutton led the defense with two of four total sacks in the game. Also, the defense put pressure on Vipers' quarterbacks Aaron Murray and Quinton Flowers with eight quarterback hurries and two interceptions. Murray threw a short pass to Nick Truesdell which resulted in a fumble. Jamar Summers recovered the ball and ran it back for 13 yards, touchdown for the Guardians.

Tampa Bay Vipers had more offensive plays and total net yards but had nothing to show. They went 7 for 15 on third downs and 0 for 4 in the red zone. Murray had a chance to tie the game in the first quarter as he intended to pass the ball to Truesdell. It was intercepted by Guardians' Soroh. As of now, Vipers are the only team without scoring a touchdown in the game.

Tampa Bay was considered the number one team in the league. After today, head Coach Marc Trestman may have QB decisions on who will start for week 2.

Week 2 schedule: New York Guardians (1-0) travel to DC Defenders (1-0); Tampa Bay Vipers (0-1) go to Seattle Dragons (0-1).