Nikkita Lyons career may be in jeopardy


Nikkita Lyons, WWE NXT superstar and potential future star in the main roster, suffered another injury again.  In January 2023, Lyons suffered an ACL injury.  She returned in December 2023 with fans having high expectations.  Lyons last match was on January 9, lost to Blair Davenport.  According to Dave Meltzer in Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lyons will be sidelined due to injury but the specifics and timeline is unknown.  

It is tough to deal with setbacks.  I hope that the latest injury is not that serious and she can return soon.  Athletes that deal with injuries after injuries realize that a change of career may be best for the future.  For Lyons, I hope she returns at a 100% and make the run to the main roster.