Northeast Wrestling Destiny Results


Northeast Wrestling presented Destiny on August 13 with the main event being JT DUnn vs KC Navarro for the NEW Live championship, also The heavyweight championship title was on the line and the 20-man battle royal.

Lets start first with the main event of the evening. JT Dunn and KC Navarro met for the fourth time in NEW. This time, it was their actual second singles competition for the NEW Live Championship. JT Dunn placed the title on the line for the third time but it was no charm. An epic match ended with KC Navarro pinning Dunn to become the NEW Northeast Wrestling Live Champion. He also became the 8th superstar to hold the title. As for JT Dunn, He held the title tied third most with Keith Youngblood with 112 days.

KC Navarro will have his work cut out quickly as he has his first defense next month.

Other match cards were the Heavyweight Champion Dan Maff defeating Manscout Jake Manning. Maff looked defeated after the victory but still had enough juice to talk on the mic to confront his new number one challenger.

And he is the ½ of the Tag Team Champions, Waves & Curls, Traevon Jordan. I have to admit, I missed this calling as I did not see it coming. Who would have known that a tag team member would win the battle royal. In this case, Jordan shined bright as he stood tall against a surprising superstar, former champion, Brad Hollister. The two were the last man standing and Jordan prevailed by eliminating the big bacon. Jordan and Maff are set to square off next month for the heavyweight title.

Jordan also won with his partner Jaylyn Brandyn, the Waves & Curls, and defeated the Jersey Legends Ray Jaz and Antonio Zambrano.

In the women's match, Nikki Duke defeated Cosmic.

In the heavyweight match, Kerr defeated Wrecking Ball. Now, this was a strong and most notable victory for Kerr. I'm curious to see where Kerr will go from here. The win was an exclamation mark and can be potentially seeking a title shot. It is unknown at this time but there seems to be zero superstars at his level.

The 10-man tag match victory belongs to the heel crew. Lucas Chase, J-Heru, Victorious BRG, and the Brick City Boyz. It was BRG who got the sweet victory for the team.

And Flip Gordon issued an open challenge and won against Ron Zombie. He was definitely unreal.

Coming up next for Northeast Wrestling in Bethany, CT, Matt Taven returns on Saturday September 10. He is scheduled to match up against Flip Gordon.

Wrecking Ball will take on Ray Jaz with Zambrano in his corner.

KC Navarro defends the NEW Live title for the first time against The World Class Channing Thomas.

Northeast Wrestling Heavyweight Championship will be on the line with champion Dan Maff with his manager Vito versus ½ tag team champion Traevon Jordan.

Other superstars to make their presence will be Alec Price, Brad Hollister, The Battle Academy, BRG, Brick City Boyz, a women's match, Grey Baylor and possibly more superstars to be added.

It is going to be a blast. Come meet me at Bethany on September 10 inside the NEW Arena in Bethany CT and enjoy the show.