Northeast Wrestling Heat Wave 2022 Results, Dan Maff wins, Brian Anthony betrayed


Dan Maff continues to be Northeast Wrestling (NEW) heavyweight champion going on 904+ consecutive days.  Maff, who was laid out in the middle of the ring, came close to being conquered by Mr. Northeast Wrestling.  Brian Anthony attempted for the fourth time to execute an air elbow drop, was held by his own manager, Vito.  Vito held his feet and then pushed him off from the top .turnbuckle.  This gave the edge for Maff to spear Anthony through the table.  Vito explained, "If you can't beat him, join him."  The crowd was left bewildered as many thought Anthony finally got the best of him.  Maff will defend his title next Sunday against Matt Taven.  

Meanwhile on the NEW Live Championship, the match that was advertised never happened.  Flip Gordon had a flight issues and did not arrive on time.  KC Navarro was persuaded by JT Dunn to accept a handicap match (Navarro vs Dunn and Alec Price).  A win for KC would guarantee a match for the NEW Live title. Gordon would arrive midway into the match to change the card into a tag team match.  Fans were electrified by the air mobility of Gordon and Navarro together.  As a result, Dunn smacked Navarro with the NEW Live title, forcing a disqualification.  Dunn, Navarro, Price, and Gordon will square off in a fatal-4-way next Sunday for the NEW Live Championship.  

Nikii Duke not cleared to wrestle.  However, President Michael Lombardi gave an ass whippin' of a lifetime to Jared Silberkleit.  The NEW Universe were over the moon with Lombardi's victory.

Sweet Victory for the Victorious BRG and he dominated the match over Lorenzo Vendetta.  Afterwards, BRG sounded off with frustration about the fans chant "Justin Beiber", "You Suck", and more.  He went on to say that legends should stay away from NEW and allow other superstars to have their moment.  BRG called out many AEW superstars to include his trainer, Matt Taven.  

The Waves & Curls were dancing with somebody as they took care of business.  Ray Jaz was not able to appear with his tag team partner.  However, Zambrano had back up in "fancy" Ryan Clancy.  

Here are the results of Heat Wave 2022:

Heavyweight Championship

Dan Maff (C) defeated Brian Anthony

Miracle Generation defeated Brick City Boyz

KC Navarro & Flip Gordon over JT Dunn & Alec Price via disqualification

Michael Lombardi defeated Jared Silberkleit

Victorious BRG defeated Lorenzo Vendetta

NEW Tag Team Championship

Waves & Curls (C) defeated Zambrano & Clancy

Battle Academy defeated Church of Greatness

Kerr defeated 4 upcoming superstars in a 4-on-1 Handicap match

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