Northeast Wrestling: Heat Wave Results and Pictures


Northeast Wrestling, an independent professional wrestling promotion, held their spectacular showing called "Heat Wave" on July 17, at Waterbury, Connecticut. NZO was the special guest and performer for the main event. Here are the following results of the entire match cards:

NEW Heavyweight Championship

Dan Maff (C) defeated Wrecking Ball Legursky via DQ. Without any knowledge or visuals by the referee, "ManScout" Jake Manning approached the ring from backstage and confronted the referee that Maff low blowed Legursky. After further analysis by the ref, the referee confirmed and called the match a DQ.

Legursky did control most of the match. Wrecking Ball hit two signature moves on Maff. However, Maff refused to be pinned. The all-out match between the two superstars was by far epic, but the ending was an exclamation mark for Maff.

Legursky nailed Maff with a powerbomb slam on the table that left Maff planted on the mat. When Manning and Wrecking Ball left, Maff got back up, took the mic, and furiously called out Manning. Both Maff and Manning have a scheduled match for the title at Wrestlefest 25.

NEW Live Championship

Keith Youngblood (C) defeated Channing Thomas (with Jared Silberkleit). The match was scheduled for 15 minutes. Both Thomas and Youngblood were in full action, trying to pin each other quickly. WIth 45 seconds left of the match, Youngblood was able to pull the victory.

NZO defeated One Man Thrillride

NEW Tag Team Championship

Club Cam defeated Inzanely Rude (C)

Cameron Zagami and Andtonio Zambrano can thank Nikii Duke for interfering in the match and allowing Club Cam to pin and shock the fans a victory over Zane Bernardo and RJ Rude.

Waves & Curls defeated The Graysons

The Graysons were extremely upset by their corner because of Joe Grimont interaction with the signs. The brothers took it upon themselves to Trust Fund disapprove and rip up the signs. On the other side, Traevon Jordan kept his promise that the team will bounce back from a disappointing loss last month and followed through. By defeating the Graysons, it is a possibility that Jordan and his partner Jaylen Brandyn can be the number one contender for the tag team championship and face off against Club Cam.

"Red Lions" Chris Battle defeated "Personification of Gold" J. Heru.

Gio Galvano defeated Brett Ryan Gosselin

Flip Gordon defeated Dak Draper

Mandy Leon defeated Quinn McKay

"Megasus" Megan Bayne defeated Ashley D'Amboise