Northeast Wrestling Over The Top 2023 Preview


Northeast Wrestling is kicking off the new year with "Over The Top" in Bethany, Connecticut.  

Dan Maff w/Vito vs Brian Anthony w/Special Guest Jimmy Hart - Strap Match.

Maff and Anthony began their rivalry at NEW The Return of The Hardys (March 27, 2022). Anthony was a heel and had Vito on his side when he attacked Maff and left him bleeding in the middle of the ring. The tables turned for Vito as Anthony could not capitalize on a win. Vito took the side for Maff at Heat Wave (July 16, 2022) and interfered in the match. Maff continued to be the world champion. On January 14, 2023, Anthony will get his redemption match with a special guest manager, Jimmy Hart.  

Prediction: Anthony wins

Lorenzo Vendetta vs Greg Baylor

A scheduled 10-man tag matchchanged to an 8-man tag team match-up. It did not sit well for Baylor for not being the chosen one to be involved in the match. Instead, Vendetta was about to execute his signature move on the Victorious BRG when Baylor grabbed his right foot to fall on the mat. BRG took advantage and grabbed the win. Baylor has to answer his call in a singles match against Vendetta. 

Prediction: Vandetta wins


Jaylen Brandyn   

Brandyn, 1/2 of Waves & Curls, will announce his new tag team partner.  His original partner Traevon Jordan, who relinquished the world title, suffered a foot injury that will sideline him for a few months.  Who will be Brandyn's partner?  Here are a few names that come to mind:

Mike Verna -- R J Rude -- Jay Lethal -- other

Prediction:  It would make sense that R J Rude, a former tag team partner of Inzanely Rude, be his partner.  Rude has battled alongside Waves & Curls and had a rivalry.  Rude and Brandyn will be a great combination and should continue to reign as champion.   

Over The Top match.

This is only my prediction and the cards are subject to change.  As of now, the images below are the superstars involved in the main event.  My final four will be:

Victorious BRG


JT Dunn

Cole Karter

Prediction: The Trend Matt Taven vs The Victorious BRG would make a great storyline.