Northeast Wrestling(NEW): The Future Is Now 2013 Results


On Saturday night in Bethany, Connecticut, Brian Anthony almost overcame the obstacles in NEW Arena. Instead, Anthony came short of seeking revenge on the "Over The Top" winner Kerr. For at least a reasonable amount of time, Anthony gave his all but was not at a 100% due to the assault by Dan Maff earlier in the show. Kerr went on to win the match and joined Maff to continue the assault until Northeast Champion Matt Taven came to the rescue.

Also, on the show, Lucas Chase (a member of the Victorium) defeated Lorenzo Vendetta. After the match, the Victorious BRG (Leader of the Victorium) called out NEW Live Champion, KC Navarro, to seek revenge for his loss one year ago. It was also Navarro's first win in his NEW debut. A response still needs to be made by Navarro. However, he is never a superstar to back down from a fight.

Here are the results from The Future is Now 2013:

Matt Taven (C) defeated Brad Hollister ---NEW Heavyweight Championship

Waves & Braids defeated Brick City Boyz ---NEW Tag Team Championship

The match was a debut for Encore with Jaylen Brandyn as the new version of Waves and Curls tag team champions.  They successfully stopped J Cruz and Victor Chase.

JT Dunn defeated Flip Gordon

Dunn breaks his losing streak and wins the stipulation.  He will challenge AEW's Konosuke Takeshita at Wrestlefest XXVII.

Kerr defeated Brian Anthony

Despite what happened in the aftermath, it is to believe that Kerr and Maff will tag team against Taven and Anthony.  

Cole Karter defeated Wrecking Ball

The match  was an upset to many at the NEW Arena.  Karter prevails and it is unknown about his next challenge.

Greg Baylor defeated Chris Battle

Baylor is undefeated since making himself look like "The Nature Boy."  Baylor betrayed Battle Academy because he was not chosen in a 10 man tag that was shortened to an 8 man tag match in December.  He is 2-0 against the Battle Academy.  Hunter Tarca is another member of the Academy that has not competed against Baylor.  

Dan Maff w/Vito defeated Love, Doug

Maff is still seeking an opportunity for the NEW Heavyweight Championship.  He has not been given a rematch.  However, it was Traevon Jordan who defeated Maff and is not able to compete due to injury.  Taven is the current champion.  Vito is doing his best to get Maff a match - so he says.  The dilemma will be that Kerr is the number one contender.  What will happen if Maff and Kerr bump heads?  Vito is a gambling man but he is playing with fire.    

RJ Rude won by disqualification over Zane Bernardo

Bernardo took the easy way out and hit Rude with a roll of coins.  He later slammed Rude by tossing him over his back from the edge of the ring.  Rude landed on the steel chairs.  Rude and Bernardo are former tag team champions.  It is still unknown as to why Bernardo betrayed Rude.  

Lucas Chase w/Victorious BRG defeated Lorenzo Vendetta w/Jake Lynn

Will BRG challenge KC Navarro or will Chase be managed by BRG to become champion?  It is hopeful that Navarro will return to the next NEW (Wrestlefest or March Mayhem) to settle the score.  

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