Northeast Wrestling Top Ten Rankings


It is a new year and the future is now.  That is Northeast Wrestling (NEW) next wrestling event scheduled for February 18 in Bethany, Connecticut.  During Over The Top, Kerr won the royal rumble to become the new number one contender for the NEW Heavyweight Championship.  

New storylines was created such as RJ Rude and Zane Bernardo.  Rude and Bernardo were known as former tag team champions "Inzanely Rude."  There reunion in the royal rumble came short as Bernardo eliminated Rude.  Zane eliminated himself from competition as he was chased by Rude.  

Brick City Boyz have their eyes at the tag team titles.  BRG, leader of Victorium, is guiding Brick City Boyz to take down the current champions, Waves & Curls.  Jaylen Brandyn announced that Encore will replace his former tag teammate, Traevon Jordan (injured) as a tag team partner.  

Flip Gordon and Alec Price are tremendous in the ring.  They have matched in many occasions but never one-on-one in NEW.  

Greg Baylor backed his words and defeated Lorenzo Vendetta.  He seeks to take down the Battle Academy one-by-one.  

Lastly, Kerr appeared at the main event of Over The Top.  He helped Vito (manager of Dan Maff) from a beating from Brian Anthony.  There are many angles to this scenario.  Twice, Kerr has helped Vito.  Maff has not been able to get a rematch for the heavyweight championship.  And Brian Anthony wants revenge at Kerr for interfering his beatdown on Vito.  It is a circle that will soon stop turning and Vito may find himself lost unless he has another way of gambling his way out of danger.  

Visit Northeast Wrestling website for more information on upcoming events. Here is my top ten based on the last two events:

Heavyweight Champion: Matt Taven

NEW Live Champion: KC Navarro

Tag Team Champions: Waves & Curls

1. Kerr

2. Cole Karter

3. Wrecking Ball

4. Brad Hollister

5. Flip Gordon

6. BRG & Victorium (Brick City Boyz, J Heru, Lucas Chase)

7. JT Dunn

8. Brian Anthony

9. Dan Maff

10. Greg Baylor