NXT Possibly Moving to another night


According to Sean Sapp of Fightful, WWE is open-minded on moving NXT to Tuesday.  I the last few weeks, NXT had their viewership numbers rise on Tuesday nights than their normal schedule Wednesday nights on the USA Network.  

NXT is a brand of WWE.  No matter what their status, they are considered the developmental territory of professional wrestling.  The next generation of superstars has expanded across the globe to the UK and possibly adding in Japan.  Regardless, NXT has fresh new pro-superstars that do level up to the rest of professional wrestlers.  NXT has done well and continue their success on Wednesday nights against their competition AEW.  This is why:

AEW has the viewership and they continue to win by the numbers.  However, AEW is going up against rookies.  AEW features former WWE superstars that were released and trying to reestablish their careers.  How about making AEW challenge either Raw or Smackdown?  Instead we have AEW vs NXT.  And for the amount of viewership NXT has, they are winning.  

What is your take on NXT possibly moving and the comparison of NXT and AEW?