NXT Results and Reaction 02.26


NXT TV for February 26 top story was Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair. Both superstars will settle their differences at the main event. What is next for Finn Balor? He has dominated NXT since his return and there are assumptions on his next target. And, why did Johnny Gargano interfere in the match with Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole? NXT continued to display top notch action for the road to WrestleMania.

Dominik Dijakovic loses to Cameron Grimes

The momentum of the match was going either way. It was expected for Dijakovic to win since he will have a rematch with Keith Lee. However, Damien Priest sneaked his way and attacked Dijakovic from behind by hitting him on the injured knee cap. Grimes connected with the "Cave-In" and secured a win.

Reaction: Dijakovic and Grimes had a solid match. With Priest taking out Dijakovic, what will happen now? Grimes victory is a set back for Dijakovic. Priest wants to be on top and took advantage of the situation. We can see Grimes versus Priest for the number one contender for the North American Championship in which Keith Lee is the Champion. How devastating is Dijakovic's injury? Lee and Dijakovic are great showing and let's hope that the injury is not severe.

Finn Balor surprise!

Finn Balor defeated Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover: Portland. Balor has succeeded by defeating top superstars in the NXT roster. I assumed that Balor's next opponent would be Adam Cole. There are some unfinished business from their last encounter. The big surprise comes from NXT UK. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, members of the Imperium, gave a message to the Prince from Walter. Balor did not back down from a fight but tAichner and Barthel were too much for Balor as they threw him to the steel steps, stomping him down.

Reaction: This is huge for NXT. Are we going to witness a transfer for Walter to move from UK to the US and be permanent to NXT US? I would book it because this will be the next biggest match in NXT history to have Balor versus Walter at NXT Takeover: Tampa. How will Balor answer back? Would he travel to the UK and ambush the Imperium? Or will he wait for Walter to come on the show on Wednesdays?

Xia Li defeated Mia Yim

Both are friends but very competitive but, I felt no chemistry between the two. Maybe, it was expected to have Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzales to appear and run both of them over. I am only assuming that there is more work for Gonzales to put her over all other female superstars to get her own stardom.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Austin Theory

The match was awesome but the main focus was on Theory. Theory was excellent and it shows he will be the next star should Undisputed Era, Ciampa, Lee, and others move on to the main brand. On another note, Johnny Gargano brawled his way to Ciampa to add more build-up to the storyline. We still do not know why Gargano interfered with Ciampa's match for the NXT Championship.

Killian Dain defeated Bronson Reed

A decent match. Both superstars gave their best but they are not in a big match as of yet.

Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Forgotten Sons

The Veterans were very impressive and it looks like they will meet up with the Broserweights. I do not know what other tag teams can compete on their level at this time.

Charlotte Flair defeated Bianca Belair

This is the main event and it is the end for Belair. The Queen speared The EST for the win. Afterwards, Flair was not done as she continued to give Belair more pain by executing the Figure-Eight. Rhea Ripley appeared but gave a half attempt to get into the ring. Ripley was more focused on completing her in-ring entrance while Charlotte had the figure -eight going. Ripley storms in but Flair removed herself from danger by leaving the ring.

The ending kind of looked botched but the point was made loud and clear. There will be only two superstars for the NXT Championship at WrestleMania - Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley. There is no word on Belair's next move.