NXT Results and Reaction 04.08


NXT TV April 8 was a replacement for NXT Takeover: Tampa bay. Last week, Keith Lee defended his title successfully by winning the triple threat match and retaining the North American Championship. On this episode, the number one contender ladder's match was to determine who will face NXT Champion Charlotte Flair and the main event, Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa in a Blackheart vs Rebel Heart: One Final Beat.

Io Shirai wins the Ladder's Match

Io Shirai and Candice LeRae were the last two superstars fighting on top of the ladder while trying to grab the briefcase. Shirai scratches LeRae's eyes and knocked her down, landing on the flat ladder. The Joshi Judas pulled down the briefcase for the win.

Reaction: I had thought LeRae would have won because she had an outstanding record in the last two months. She stood out better than the rest of the women's superstars. However, Io Shirai returned just in time for the tournament and grabbed the win. Now, it will be NXT Champion Charlotte, defending the NXT title, versus IO Shirai in two weeks.

Indus Sher defeated Ever-Rise

Malcolm Bivens is the manager of Indus Sher. He claims that they will be the next tag team champions of NXT. Rinku and Saurav's presence seem as though they have what it takes to eliminate the Broserweights. However, the match with Ever-Rise seems too long to be the destruction team they are supposed to be. For Ever-Rise, they might as well be "The Forever Fallen."

Reaction: Indus Sher needs to have a better match and a convincing in-ring performance to believe they can defeat the NXT Tag team Champions. Having the legendary tag team "Demolition" signature move, "The Demolisher/Demolition Decapitation" is defined as an epitome of true warriors.

Johnny Gargano defeated Tommaso Ciampa 

Triple H reminded the two superstars on what is at stake. Once he left and closed the door, the match would begin. Gargano and Ciampa gave it their all as they went like a seesaw. One did this, the other did that. It was full of action that was interrupted by constant commercial breaks. The commercials took away the moment. However, the fight went on until Candice LeRae interfered. She went into the ring and kicked Gargano in the groin. Afterward, she tricked Ciampa as she kicked him in the groin as well. Gargano was wearing a protective cup, something LeRae gave to him before he entered the facility. Johnny Wrestling executed the Pedigree and pinned him for the three counts.

Reaction: I was surprised by Candice LeRae and her interference with the match. It made no sense. LeRae coming out from a loss earlier in the show did not show any signs of any injuries or possible bruises from the fall onto the ladder. In such, she supported her man and assisted in the victory. I agree with Kevin Berge, Bleacher's Report, that it was the worst match compared to the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches. There was so much hype to this matchup that it did not deliver well. Triple H did state that everything is settled in the ring. Somehow, they started in the ring and ended up outside, on top of a truck (similar to Edge and Orton match at Wrestlemania), and went back in the ring. In the end, Gargano and LeRae left and could possibly see Killer Kross and Scarlett in a black vehicle.

Killer Kross made his theme promo last week. Tonight, he was seen as a glimpse. Will Kross pick a fight with Gargano? Or Ciampa?