NXT Results and Reactions 05.13


The Imperium become new NXT Tag Team Champions

Aichner and Barthel targeted the Broserweights to get their way in having a title match.  There plan was a success as the Broserweights split up during the match.  Riddle accidentally knocked Thatcher off his corner.  Riddle tried to reach out for a tag but Thatcher dissed him and walked away.  

It was now a handicap match and Riddle did his best to survive.  Imperium took control and they hit their finisher for the win.

Reaction: The Broserweights are not the same without Pete Dunne.  However, Dunne did recommend Thatcher to Riddle.  That did not go well.  Thatcher is not in the same level as Riddle when it comes to the attitude and charisma.  If this is a way to break up the Broserweights completely, than it was the best way.  

For Imperium, they overcame the obstacle and finally become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.  

Tegon Nox defeated Indi Hartwell

Hartwell made her NXT debut with an impressive match.  She recovered quickly from being demolished by Shayna Baszler a few weeks ago on Mondy Night RAW.  Hartwell could not get her first win as Nox hit her finishing move for the win.  

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese

Atlas hit the rainbow DDT for the pin.  He eliminated Nese from the tournament as Nese goes 0-3.  

Cameron Grimes defeated Finn Balor

It was not so much of Grimes winning the match.  It was finding out who attacked Balor three weeks ago.  Damien Priest attacked Balor allowing Grimes to win.  Priest went after Balor again after the match placing the chair on him and told him the truth.

Expect an official match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

Jack Gallagher defeated Isaiah Scott

Nese attacked Scott before the match.  That was the advantage for Gallagher to take the win.  

Kayden Carter defeated Aliyah

Matt Riddle defeated Timothy Thatcher

There was backstage brawls that would start and end over and over.  It was made official that they would have a match as the main event.  Riddle and Thatcher were unable to find the right position to take a win.  Instead, Thatcher had Riddle in a leg lock but Riddle kept turning until Thatcher's shoulders were planted on the mat.  The referee counted one-two-three.  It was over.  Despite Riddle's victory, Thatcher went after Riddle have gave him two vicious armbar.