NXT Review 01.13


On Wednesday's edition of NXT, we were all prepared for the 2021 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic debut. Some other matches and storylines are beginning to develop for something greater. Here are the following results and reaction:

Candice LeRae defeated Shotzi Blackheart.

LeRae and Blackheart came out with full energy in the opening match. With Indi Hartwell at LeRae's corner, you knew something extra was going to happen. Hartwell provided a distraction that allowed LeRae to take advantage of and pin Blackheart.

*This was a great match. With Blackheart teaming up with Ember Moon, they will favor winning the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. LeRae will team up with Blackheart, and Toni Storm will tag-team along with Mercedes Martinez. As if the NXT Women's division were the elite, it just got even better with the tournament. Also, expect the winner of the contest to challenge the WWE Women's tag team champions.

Pete Dunne confronted NXT Champion Finn Balor.

*If there is a way to cut in line, you would place yourself. Dunne managed a way to do so. He wasted no time with Tag Team champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and assaulted Balor. Kyle O'Reilly and the Undisputed Era came to the rescue. Dunne's initiative may cause a domino effect, as I will describe later in this blog.

First Round in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Ever-Rise.

Johnny Gargano (C) defeated Dexter Lumis (Non-Title match)

An exciting event happened in this match. Lumis maltreated Gargano. Austin Theory, who was on Gargano's side, attempted to cause distraction. Similar to Hartwell, Theory felt the pain as Lumis slammed him from the ropes. At the same time, Gargano rolled Lumis to a three count. Gargano and Theory assaulted Lumis that drove Kushida to rescue Lumis.

For Kushida, it is the second time that he ran after Gargano. This time, he made a clear statement that he wants a shot at the title.

*I can see a Gargano/Theory vs. Kushida/Lumis. And while I believe Kushida will get an opportunity for the North American title, the question that I have is, "Will Lumis receive the same opportunity?" The storyline for Gargano is getting better each week.

First Round in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

MSK defeated Jake Atlas and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

MSK debuted NXT in this first round and were able to succeed over Atlas and Scott. MSK is a new name, but Nash Carter and Wes Lee's last rodeo was at Impact Wrestling. It will be interesting to see how far they can go in the tournament. They are the hottest tag team at the moment.

As for Atlas and Scott, they had some backstage heat after the match. Bronson Reed had to calm the situation down and ordered Scott to walk away. Could this be a setup for Reed and Scott to match up?

Xia Li defeated Valentina Feroz.

Li returns to show off her new style of wrestling. However, everyone is wondering about who is managing Li. Who is the guy that is calling all the shots?

First Round in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The Undisputed Era defeated Breezango.

During the match, Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch attacked O'Reilly. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong did not realize until they came to their feet. Cole and Strong were able to handle their business despite the extracurricular activity. Besides, Finn Balor came to the rescue but fell victim by getting pounded by Dunne and the tag team champions.

*As I stated on top of the blog, a domino effect may begin to happen. Cole and Strong did not realize the attack was happening until it was too late. As such, O" Reilly got his jaw smashed that may place him out of television. If you remember, from months ago with Asuka vs. Sasha Banks, Bayley attacked Kairi Sane. Asuka gave up the match, lost her title to help her friend. In this storyline, Cole and Strong finished their match and won. Could it be a possibility that O'Reilly may react to the situation differently and find himself separating from the Undisputed Era? Or, will he understand the problem and keep the group together.

Also, Balor may want to seek revenge and defend the NXT Championship against Dunne. But there is Karrion Kross. He and Scarlett announced their next target - the NXT Championship, "Tick-Tock."

The storyline for these superstars can go in many directions. My prediction is that the Undisputed Era will not win the classic. Balor defeats Dunne in a future match and squares off against Kross at NXT Takeover if given a chance. And for the tag team champions, their reign will come to an end soon and lose the titles to the winner of the tag team tournament.

What is your take on the NXT? What do you wonder?