NXT Review and Reaction 08.05


Here is the following results and reaction on NXT.  (Before reading below, check out the prediction before the show started here.)

Dakota Kai defeated Rhea Ripley

Ripley dominated the match in which unassumingly the win would be in her favor.  However, I did predict Kai a winner but not the way it happened.  Raquel Gonzales has not been on television for nearly three weeks.  I had thought she would surprise everyone by assisting Kai.  It was Mercedes Martinez who took initiative and kicked Ripley without the referee looking.  That allowed Kai to take advantage of the situation and pinned Ripley for the win.  

Dakota Kai is the number one contender and will challenge the NXT Champion Io Shirai at NXT Takeover: XXX.

Bronson Reed defeated Shane Thorne

Reed needs more television time to allow viewers to get to know him.  A win over Thorne helped him gain momentum leading to Takeover.  He was the first to clinch his way by winning the triple threat qualifying match for the North American Championship.  Later in the show, he exchanged words with Damian Priest that resulted in a match for next Wednesday.

Damian Priest defeated Oney Lorcan and  Ridge Holland Triple Threat Qualifying Match

Priest, who was heavily favorite, clinched his way and will join Reed for the Ladder's Match at Takeover for the North American Championship. 

At the beginning of the North American Championship Qualifying Matches, Priest looked to be a heavy favorite with Reed and Dexter Lumis in the competition.  However, Lumis suffered an injury during his qualifying match that resulted two additional matches.  "Balor, Gargano, and Ridge Holland are three of the men with the fourth to be decided next week as Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes vs. TBA will square off for the other spot."

Keith Lee defeated Cameron Grimes

Lee humiliated Grimes in the ring.  There was a small portion where Grimes had an upper hand but Lee schooled him to reality.  For Grimes, he will need to know when he should talk.  On the other hand, this was Lee's conditioning in preparation for his unofficial match with Karrion Kross.  Also, Kross cut a promo and will demolish anyone backstage until he gets an official match against Lee for the NXT Championship.  

Tegan Nox defeated Indi Hartwell

The Imperium defeated The Undisputed Era - Tag Team Championship

The Undisputed Era was there to take away the titles from the Imperium.  However, the concentration was lost when Adam Cole confronted Pat McAfee.  Cole and McAfee took pictures and tweeted about how they both reconciled and were getting along great. During the match, Cole could hear McAfee at commentating and tensions grew between them.  The distraction took away from the actual match as The Imperium quickly took advantage to the situation, won, and left the ring.  

At the end, McAfee punt kicked Cole, while Cole tried to get at him, that left Cole knocked out to close the show.

*Reaction - This did not seem logical when you have Cole and McAfee getting along great backstage.  The ending left a bad taste to something that should of ended better.  The Undisputed Era were suppose to make a comeback and what a way to do so if the rest of the Imperium, such as Walter, were to show up and battle in a four-on-four chaos match.  Instead, we have a former NFL punter kicking his way into NXT.  

This segment should not end between Cole and McAfee.  I would expect a match between them for Takeover.  

What is your assessment on this NXT episode?  Leave your comments below.