NXT Takeover 31 Reaction and Results


NXT Takeover 31 will took place on Sunday on the WWE Network. In the main event, NXT Champion Finn Balor defended his title against Kyle O'Reilly. Other cards featured NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai defended her title against Candice LeRae. Here are the results:

Damian Priest defeated Johnny Gargano

Erik Beaston explained it best that the match was a hard-hitting, hard-fought match defined by its counters and reversals, teases, and false finishes.  You expect nothing less from these two superstars who they still have more to offer.  Priest's resilience and stamina is what got him to win and remain champion.  

Reaction:  Priest is going to have a new opponent for Halloween Havoc.  Could it be Bronson Reed, Ridge Holland or anyone else?  

For Gargano, will he be in the WWE Draft this Friday on Smackdown or on Raw the following Monday?  This will be a great move for him.

Kushida defeated The Velveteen Dream

Kushida wins seven of his last eight singles matches.  He overcame many obstacles to win over Dream.  After the match, Kushida was still angry and took out his frustration by continuing to attack Dream.  It made up of all the sneak attacks Dream did to him.  

Santos Escobar defeated Isaiah "The Swerve" Scott

The match was incredible.  Both Superstars gave it their all with their swift maneuvers and signature move kick outs.  Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza tried to interfere the match.  It effected very little as Ashonte Adonis helped on behalf for Scott.  At the end, Escobar countered a possible move from Scott by the outside ropes.  He shoved Scott into what suppose to happen, a steel turnbuckle.  Santos executed a double underhook facebuster for the win.  

Reaction: The finish did not sell well, especially when the match was far superb.  It was action after action only to end in a bad taste.  I hope there is a rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship.  

Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae

Shirai was dominant throughout the match.  LeRae stood her a ground as she made some moves.  There was a moment where LeRae countered a maneuver and hit a lionsault for a near fall.  Later, Shirai went to hit the crossface but LeRae countered the move that ended up Shirai hittin ghte referee.  The Referee was sent out of the ring and knocked out.  Johnny Gargano ran out dressing his own referee shirt to officiate the match.  He tried counting a fast three but Shirai kicked out.  LeRae hit Shirai with the championship belt but Io managed to kick out again.  At the end, Shirai overcame the obstacles and won her match.  

After the match, two surprises were announced.  Toni Storm made her comment and addressed Shirai she is back to NXT in USA.  And, Ember Moon made her presence.  The women's division just got better.  

Main Event
Main Event

Finn Balor defeated Kyle O'Reilly

This was O'Reilly's biggest match of his career and he showed up.  Much respect is given to him by the champion Balor.  During the match, it was a non-stop action where both superstars were punishing each other.  Fast forward to the end of the match, O'Reilly focused on Balor's injured knee.  However, Balor was able to counter and delivered a double stomp.  He continued with a rolling German with another double stomp that lead him to execute the Coup de Grace.  

After the match, Ridge Holland carried Adam Cole over his right shoulder and then threw him.  The show ended.

Reaction:  This may be the way for Holland to get his name in the picture and get his title match.  However, he will have to go threw The Undisputed Era.