Ohio State player "A Bust"


There is a saying by Joan Marques that "When it rains, it pours." For Dwayne Haskins, his path just hit rock bottom. The Washington Football Team released quarterback Dwayne Haskins on December 28, 2020. Head Coach Ron Rivera gave him the starting job this season. After week four, Haskins was benched because he struggled to run the offense. The team had a 1-4 record at that particular time. Haskins' troubles continued when he was disciplined for Covid 19 protocol for not wearing a mask. Haskins had a second chance to overcome this obstacle as he was named a starter on Week 15 for the injured quarterback Alex Smith. However, pictures surfaced on social media showing Haskins mask-less at a birthday party. On December 27, versus the Carolina Panthers, Haskins was benched for his poor performance. He threw 14-of-28 passes, 154 passing yards, and two interceptions. Taylor Heinicke came in relief and attempted a comeback but was unsuccessful. Haskins placed himself in a challenging position.

What can we learn from Haskins? The media and sports analysts were wrong about the New York Giants not choosing him (from Ohio State) and instead selected Daniel Jones (from Duke). We also learned that Haskins is not a disciplined player and can be categorized as a selfish person. He did not think about his teammates or his coaches, primarily that Ron Rivera deals with cancer. Haskins' ability to progress and show he is a true starting quarterback is a total bust. He did not take his duties and responsibilities seriously. Therefore, he is released from Washington.

Haskins may have another opportunity to be claimed by another football team. Ask Cardale Jones, who was drafted by the Bills. His career did not go as planned and found himself playing in the XFL. Haskins is not the only player from Ohio State that was a bust in the NFL. Here are the following Ohio State players:

Players' name, team drafted, position

Ahmed Plummer, 49ers, CB

Chris Wells, Cardinals, RB

David Boston, Cardinals, WR

Bobby Carpenter, Cowboys, OL

Anthony Gonzalez, Colts, WR

Craig Powell, Browns, LB

Rickey Dudley, Raiders, TE

Bobby Hoying, Eagles, QB

Brian Robiske, Browns, WR

Andy Katzenmoyer, Patriots, LB

Teg Ginn, Dolphins, WR

Eric Kumero, Dolphins, DE

Devin Smith, Jets, WR

Tom Cousineau, Bills, LB

Art Schlitchter, Colts QB

Maurice Clarett, Broncos, RB

Cardale Jones, Bills, QB