Otis's WrestleMania Moment


If you want to see a Disney movie, Otis and Ziggler match is the storyline to watch. Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler were responsible for ruining Otis's Valentine's Date with Mandy Rose. The hacker, who we do not know, revealed the incident on Friday Night Smackdown. During the match, Deville interfered by distracting the referee. Ziggler took advantage and gave a low blow to Otis. Mandy Rose music hit and she ran towards the ring. She slapped Deville and gave a low blow to Ziggler. Otis executed his caterpillar move and down went Ziggler. Otis created his WrestleMania moment as he won the match, lifted Mandy Rose, and received a kiss from Rose.

However, the story is not over. We will see Rose and Deville settling things in the ring. Frank, podcaster, mentions that there can be a mix tag team. I say, yes, and have a mixed tag team...Ziggler, Bobby Roode, Deville vs Heavy Machinery and Rose.