Possible future match?


On Friday's Smackdown, Cesaro and Seth Rollins matched up, which was an excellent, competitive match. Throughout the match, the Usos observed outside the ring, ensuring that Cesaro would not win the match. However, Rollins refused assistance from Jey Uso, stating he did not need help. Rollins is a heel in Smackdown but wanted a clean match with Cesaro. That is very unprecedented to see a heel commit to a fair match. Rollins did push Jey and resulted in his brother Jimmy superkick Rollins without the referee noticing. Cesaro took advantage and pinned Rollins after executing the Neutralizer. Cesaro clinched a spot and will compete against The Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash for the title. But, what will happen with Rollins?

Later in the show, Rollins confronted Reigns. Rollins made a mutual agreement allowing Reigns to handle Cesaro and the Usos. However, at the end of Smackdown, Cesaro ambushed Reigns and laid out the Usos in the middle of the ring. To add to the storyline, Jimmy Uso did not want to be a lower man to the Head of the Table. It looks now that he will reconnect with his brother and cousin for the time being. If so, Rollins will make his presence and form a possibility of a future match, a Summerslam moment between Rollins and Reigns.

Reigns vs Rollins

These two superstars are ahead of the game more than any superstar in WWE. In fact, being that they are both in the same brand, there can only be one face. Sooner or later, Reigns and Rollins have to cross paths and the beginning just started. Both know each other so well as members of The Shield. Both have competed against each other.

Rollins has won eight matches against Reigns to include a title match at Money in the bank 2016, a gauntlet match, a street fight, and the last man standing match. Reigns have 13 victories against Rollins with nine pinfalls and four table matches. Each had seven disqualifications and one draw.

Cesaro earned his path to his first world title match. The former United States Champion and seven-time tag team champion has won eight straight singles matches. The Swiss Cyborg will have to watch every corner for Rollins, Reigns, and The Usos as they would like to demolish him before the pay-per-view event. But what would happen if Rollins turns to face and helps Cesaro?

There are so many possibilities in which this can play out. I predict that Rollins and Cesaro could eventually tag team against the Usos. Another scenario could be that Rollins helps Cesaro win the title over Reigns that sets up a feud between Rollins and Reigns. Or, a triple threat match scheduled for Summerslam between Rollins vs Reigns vs Cesaro for the Universal Championship.

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