Post Reaction-Extreme Rules 2020


Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman

WWE Extreme Rules Horror Show came to an end when The Fiend came out of the red boiling water in which Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt never surfaced. The cinematic match had a twist where we saw Strowman's past come to light. A B-movie horror throughout its scene ended in suspense as to who won the match.

It does not matter who won the match. The real winner will be for the fans to watch the next PPV, Summerslam, as the feud continues for a possible Strowman vs. The Fiend for the Universal Championship.

Drew McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gave the stipulation as a one-sided extreme rules match for him and not for McIntyre. Ziggler gave it his all as he punished the Scottish Psychopath. However, Drew found a way to execute the claymore that gave him the victory.

Depending on what happens on Raw, I see two possibilities for McIntyre. He could defend the title against Bobby Lashley or Randy Orton for Summerslam. I do not believe Brock Lesnar will make his presence during the pandemic.

Sasha Banks vs Asuka

This card was for the Raw's Women's Championship. This match was probably the best match of the night. Accidentally, Asuka sprayed Green Mist at the referee. The referee went down and was not able to get back up. Asuka had Banks defeated but Bailey was able to strip the shirt off from the ref and made herself an official. Unfortunately, Bailey interfered and gave a three count to Bailey.

Technically, Bailey is not an official and more than likely, the title may be taken away from Banks. There is a strong possibility that Asuka and Sasha Banks will square off at Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio

The stipulation of the match was eye for an eye. Rollins and Mysterio match lived to what it was worth. However, the ending was a bit off. Rollins pushed Rey's head towards the corner of the steel steps and somehow, Rey's eye popped out. Rollins puked at the other side of the ring. Rey was rushed backstage in which the commentators mentioned he was taken to the hospital. Many hoped to see someone interfere in the match or have a dramatic ending. Rollins win.

What is next for Seth Rollins? Kevin Owens defeated Murphy in the kickoff show. Would we see Rollins and Owens feud again? Let's hope it will be a fresh feud. Owens defeated Rollins at Wrestlemania 36. A push for a title seems likely for Rollins.

Bayley remains Smackdown Champion

Bayley cheated her way as she borrowed Bank's Boss jewelry knuckles and punched Nikki Cross with it in the abdomen area. Bayley executed her signature move after that for the win.

Unfortunately, Bayley has to cheat her way to victory but that is what happens when you are the heel. There is no telling who will be Bayley's next opponent.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro defeated The New Day

Nakamura and Cesaro are the new Smackdown Tag team Champions. Cesaro power-bombed Kofi Kingston from the top ropes and through the double tables. Since it was a table match, to win, you must put your opponent through a table. Cesaro did the job and won it for the team.