Premature reports on WWE heading to TV14 Era


Big social media news this week with the announcement by Andrew Zarian, of the Mat Men

Podcast, that WWE is changing its rating programming to TV 14, marking the end of the PG era.

Apparently it is supposed to start on Monday Night Raw, July 18.

TV 14 is a programming contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for

children under 14 years of age and may include intensely suggestive dialogue, strong coarse

language, int4ense sexual situations, or intense violence.

However, it seems that the report was prematurely reported. Rumors are that the change will

happen soon. And when it does, WWE will make that announcement as it did when they

transitioned to the PG era.

But if you watched and listened closely to the program, WWE has gradually shifted its program

towards TV 14 for a while. The superstar's language, like saying bitch or ass, is really not for

young youths. Certain acts on television are borderline already for TV 14.

Should the WWE completely shift its programming to TV 14, it must do so on all platform

brands. I am talking about not just the USA Network, but with FOX and NBC.

In my honest opinion, WWE is competing against AEW and other streaming markets of

independent wrestling. The slow wake up call is happening. Amongst so much drama behind

the scene, the directional path for WWE is aimed to become the highest TV rating show of all

professional wrestling. It was like that during the attitude era from 1996 - 2002. Legends were

made such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Mankind. We saw beer-drinking Austin,

DX breaking the rules and adding gestures of "suck it", and of course the number one heel of

them all, Vince McMahon in which we all can relate on how much we can hate our bosses. And

that is to name just a few of what happened in the attitude era. Lastly, there were better

promotions, especially for the women's side of the house. Each match card for the pay per view

had feuds, something we do not see today.

So, when it does happen for WWE, I can see all television stations adapting to the change and

see a new version of the attitude era. It is not going to be the same as the past but something

fresh and new will be awesome to see and I am looking forward to the changes.

I'm Ovi Muniz and thank you for following the HHWShow Podcast.