Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre


On Monday night Raw, Drew McIntyre will get his rematch as he will take on the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.  McIntyre lost the title match at Hell In A Cell and seeks to become champion again that will lead to a future match at Survivor Series with Roman Reigns.  

The Scottish Terminator made a surprise visit to Smackdown and confronted Reigns.  He stated that he will win against Orton and go after Reigns to make him a secondary champion.  The promo seemed as Reigns and McIntyre will square off but is it a tease?  If so, it is a good one.  Drew eliminated Reigns at the Royal Rumble to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship.  He went on to defeat Brock Lesnar and went on a 6-month reign as champion and lost to Orton.  

Picking a fight could be a good or bad thing for Drew.  Should he defeat Orton, Drew will seek revenge on Roman.  He has never defeated Roman Reigns in singles competition - 0-3 (zero wins-three losses).  

For Roman, he is 5-2 overall at Survivor Series.  He was the last man standing in a triple threat match, representing Team Smackdown to victory.  However, he lost the WWE Championship in 2015 to Sheamus.  

On the other side, there is Randy Orton.  It is a tremendous surprise that Orton did not make an appearance on Smackdown.  A surprised RKO would had been an icing on the cake for Drew, but it never happened.  Drew is gaining momentum and Orton has been quiet and feeling disgust about defending the title against Drew.  Can Orton be the champion to defeat McIntyre and move on to Survivor Series against Roman Reigns?  Orton's resume as champion is not a good one.  

Orton is a 14-time champion.  During his tenure, he lasted as a title holder four-times for one month.  Also, he held the title four-times for two months.  This Monday, Orton defends the title that will mark a couple of days shy of one month.  The Viper vs The Scottish Superstar on Raw. 

Prediction: I expect that if Randy Orton loses the title, it would be because of The Fiend or Alexa Bliss.  Also, I would expect Roman Reigns to make his presence to add on the feud between him and McIntyre.  

Randy Orton striking the pose and teasing John Cena on Twitter.