Raw Reaction 08.03


Apollo Crews defeated MVP

*Reaction - Apollo Crews is the United States Champion. Surprisingly, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin allowed Crews take the win. There was no type of interference to distract the referee or do something to have MVP an upper edge. Later in the show, it was official that Crews and MVP would square off at Summerslam for the title.

Based on the upcoming match, is it MVP that suppose to drive Lashley and Benjamin to stardom? Why is MVP chasing the U.S. title? Where is the promise that MVP made for his followers? Keep that in mind moving forward. Lastly, Hurt Business found their way to the Underground. How will this Underground, led by Shane McMahon, be a factor for MVP and the Raw roster?

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan defeated The IIconics

Thanks to Kevin Owens, Riott and Morgan are back together. Owens is changing up his ways and becoming more of a role model. The IIconics disrupted the KO Show and found themselves in a match in which they did not win.

Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton

*Reaction - The story about Orton getting handed the path to success is ancient. Orton put a squash to his promo and allowed McIntyre to speak something original. The Scottish Psychopath recalled the Last Ride documentary on how Orton was pulled to the Undertaker's level. Orton never did reach to other superstars the same way The Undertaker and others did to help the business. The storyline for this segment went from "same old story" to "WOW, it's going to be awesome!"

Nia Jax suspended

Jax did not apologize to Pat Buck. Instead, she put her hands on the official again. Jax is suspended without pay.

*Reaction - if this is true, that means the writers have nothing for her. The next match is a bigger story.

Shayna Baszler and Sasha Banks ended in a no contest.

At the beginning of the show, Baszler interrupted Banks and Bayley's interview stating she had a problem. Without notice, Baszler punched Banks in the face. Banks landed on the ground while Bayley tried to comfort her.

Now in the match, the Queen of Spade had The Boss's number. However, Asuka appeared and began attacking Bayley, who is at the sideline. The referee called for the bell.

*Reaction - I did not understand why the referee called for the bell. There was no interference in the match. Both Banks and Baszler could have continued with the match. The match went from a grade "A" to a "D." Or maybe I should change the grade to a points system like a rubrics metric system (a four to a one).

Consequently, there are two storylines to look out for in this segment. Banks cut a promo and addressed Asuka that she will have to earn her way back to a title match by squaring with Bayley. The table has turned and now The Boss is creating matches as how Bayley had done at Smackdown.

The other story is that Baszler will cheer Asuka to win back the Raw Women's title so that she can rip off Asuka on a future match. Therefore, it is expected for Asuka to win next week against Bayley. If Asuka defeats Banks at Summerslam, she will be able to defend her title the following week at Payback.

Raw Underground Debuts

Shane McMahon introduced a new Raw Underground. As mentioned with the Hurt Business, superstars such as Dolph Ziggler, Viking Raiders, and Dabba-Kato took the stage and battled against other wrestlers.

*I feel indifferent to this segment. I would need to know more about its purpose in Raw.

Garza defeated Dawkins; Ford and Andrade "no contest"

The real story is Montez Ford passing out while shaking the ropes crazy. In front of the medical room, Bianca Belair addressed the issue with Zelina Vega on speaking the truth. She wanted to know if she had anything to do with someone poisoning Ford. Belair went on a rampage and attempted to fight Vega. Dawkins grabbed Belair and Garza grabbed Vega. Andrade was in the middle to ensure everyone remained separated.

Dominik Mysterio attacks Seth Rollins and Murphy

(Dominik offered a challenge during an interview, earlier in the show).

Rollins picked on commentator Tom Phillips. Thankfully, Samoa Joe stood up for Phillips and was about to approach the ring to fight Rollins and Murphy. Dominik came from behind and started whipping with a kendo stick. In the end, Rollins accepted a match with Dominik for Summerslam.