RAW Results and Reaction 09.28


WWE Raw started with the legends in the ring with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.  They went to recap on what happened on WWE Clash of Champions when each legend (Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Christian, and Ric Flair) took part in Drew's victory.  At the end, Drew punted Randy Orton and put him away in the ambulance for the win.  

However, Orton interrupted the gloating and made it known that he still has his eyes on being the 14 time champion as Hell in the Cell is the next PPV.  Drew disregarded his threats and issued an open challenge to whoever was backstage.  

Asuka defeated Zelina Vega

The rematch took place as the first match of the show.  Asuka submitted Vega and retained her Raw Women's Championship.  

Reaction: Vega did not deserve to be in the run for the title just yet.  After losing to Bianca Belair, it made her not a contender.  Vega placed herself upfront to prove she can be successful on her own.  It was Andrade who had to remind her after the match that she is nothing without him.  It would make sense if Andrade and Angel Garza won the tag team titles but they did not.  

Keith Lee defeated Andrade

The follow on match had Andrade issue a challenge for anyone.  Lee made his presence and accepted.  It was a short defeat as Lee looked very dominant.  

Reaction:  I am surprised that WWE Raw did not go to the replay and show that Andrade was never pinned at Clash of Champions.  As for Lee, I would had preferred to go head-to-head with Drew McIntyre.  It seems as WWE is going to a different direction with Lee.  

Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeated Lana & Natalya

Reaction: Lana & Natalya are performing as jobbers for every women's matches.  It is like saying that they are there for practice to make other better than them.  For Rose and Brooke, they made their debut on Raw with a victory.  I am surprised that Rose is not wresting solo.  She broke up with Sonia Deville and had a feud with her.  Now, Rose is partner with Brooke.  Hopefully, they are successful and win the tag team titles.  

KO defeated Aleister Black

Kevin Owens wanted to settle the score for the last time.  However, the match ended with the referree accusing Black for hitting him.  Therefore the match ended in a DQ and we may see more of this match leading into Hell in the Cell.  

Ali, Crews, and Ricochet defeated The Hurt Business

Ali pinned MVP for the victory.  If you noticed, Ali has been the elite out of all six superstars.  He ends up being the guy to get the pins for wins. That is something the WWE Universe needs to pay attention moving forward into the storyline.  

The Hurt Business loss really degrades them when they are suppose to be rivals with The Retribution.  The Hurt Business are more like the Weak Business.  The only muscle in the group is Bobby Lashley, who is the current United States Champion.   

Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Roode

Randy Orton

Randy Orton wears night vision goggles and enters the room where the legends are playing poker.  After suffering the loss for the WWE Championship at Clash of Champions, he is not taken revenge for those that took part.  His next target will be Drew McIntyre.