RAW Results and Reaction 3.09


Monday Night RAW is the start of the finishing touches for the road to WrestleMania. Exciting and surprising moments happened in the Elimination Chamber with Undertaker, Shayna Baszler and more that took place on RAW. Here are the results and reaction:

Opening Segment

Becky Lynch is satisfied with Shayna Baszler winning the Elimination Chamber. She talked a big game and the crowd loved it. Becky did state some harsh words criticizing her charisma and the use of other names. But, it was delivered and shots are fired on the mic.

For Shayna Baszler, she destroyed the competition at the Elimination Chamber by taking out all five superstars for the right to become the number one WWE RAW Women's Championship contender.

Rey Mysterio defeated Angel Garza

Once again, the Latino World Order of men in the business displayed an epic performance. So many close calls and so many maneuvers that would have you get out of your seat. At the end, Mysterio came out on top showing Garza not to mess with the legend.

Reaction: This is the first defeat for Garza. It may be a surprise but that will let him know that he will return with a vengeance. I can see a build up between the four men, Garza, Andrade, Mysterio, and Humberto Carrillo. All four have potential to create a fatal-4-way for the United States Championship.

Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley

Ripley visited Tampa and is so overwhelmed about how big and how many fans will be at WrestleMania. It is her dream to finally hit the big stage. On the other hand, Charlotte does not believe crap about Ripley. Champion vs Challenger or should we call it the Veteran vs the young and the restless. Ripley took over the shrine as the best of NXT by defeating Shayna Baszler.

Charlotte is the Queen but even she knows that she has fallen in such. She lost the Smackdown title to Bayley at the inaugural of Smackdown on FOX. She moved to RAW and cannot stop Becky Lynch. She finds herself targeting for the NXT Championship in which started her career boost. Interesting to see how this match will formulate.

Bobby Lashley defeated Zack Ryder

It is about time that Lashley turned into domination. No Lana, and we have the Lashley we knew from the beginning. He wasted no time and humiliated Ryder. It is too bad we cannot see more of him this way and face Brock Lesnar. Lesnar does not have a storyline yet but we can expect him to be in the Andre the Giant Royal Rumble.

Drew McIntyre defeated Erick Rowan.

McIntrye listened to our Podcast. Or maybe he was listening overall to the WWE Universe. McIntyre destroyed Rowan's pet by taking the steel steps and smashing the cage. That was a five-star performance. Later, Drew "claymored" Rowan in a 3..2..1... and that's all folks.

Reaction: Drew is gaining momentum and his character is stronger than ever. As for Rowan, he continues to be the jobber for the WWE Superstar contenders. Rowan can be a better character if the writers and others choose him to be.

The Kabuki Warriors defeated Natalya and Liv Morgan

The Warriors are back and they are ready to defend their titles. They have been called out by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. During the match, Warriors went on their winning streak by handling their business.

Reaction: It is about time we see the Kabuki Warriors wrestle together. Will we see them go to Smackdown this Friday? I hope so. As for Liv Morgan, she was distracted and forgot she is a tag team member. She left Natalya by herself. Ruby Riot and Sarah Logan getting in the mix is awesome. I do see Morgan, Logan, and Riot in a triple threat match and then, somehow, get back together again. Friends do fight. Most of the time, there is an apology.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles vented about the Undertaker. He made it personal by initiating a challenge to the Undertaker at WrestleMania. He addressed Michelle McCool, who is the wife of Undertaker, and stated he will be the one to bury the deadman.

Reaction: The promo was phenomenal and we will see next Monday when both superstars sign the contract.

Riddick Moss defeated Cedric Alexander

The 24/7 title is supposed to be defended every single day. It feels like a transitional match now as Moss, for the second time, defended his title in the ring. Could we have a changed name of the title and be something else? Or will we see a change in pace of the 27/7 defense?

Reaction: Let's bring back the old school days where superstars battle in super markets, hospitals and other places. R-Truth went to the hotel room to chase down the belt.

Randy Orton and Edge

Edge came out looking for Orton. Edge speared MVP and smashed him with a steel chair. Orton looked on and left. Edge chased him around the arena but was too late. Orton left the arena. The development on this storyline is A+ all the way.

Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins

Black refused to join the Messiah and ended up in a singles match. Black looked fabulous as he gave it to Rollins. Buddy Murphy interfered and created chaos. AOP showed up and thereafter, Viking Raiders and the Street Profits. The match turned into a 8 man tag with Black disappearing out of nowhere.

Reaction: Seth Rollins is the face of WWE Raw and by having him being the last man standing, it is a great way to remind everyone he is largely the leader. However, Black demonstrated that he is not afraid of anyone and will not be persuaded to join any group. We see what will happen and I wonder if there is a trend as The Messiah goes out of his ways to recruit.