Raw Results and Reaction 8.08


Welcome to the HHWShow blog covering the Raw episode of August 8, 2022.  The United States Championship was on the line and the new women's tag team championship tournament premiered.  Who won, loss, and surprised everyone on Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins defeated Angelo Dawkins

This is a great take for the Street Profits (SP) as Dawkins demonstrated his abilities as a singles competitor.  Last week, his partner Montez Ford did the same thing.  However, both superstars fell down to the visionary himself, Seth "Freakin" Rollins.  

It is hard to determine which direction the SP will go from here.  There are no indicators of them splitting up.  On the other side, Rollins storyline with the SP may be over as he focuses on next week's Raw on Riddle's return.

Ivy Sky & Dakota Kai defeated Tamina & Dana Brooke

It was obvious that the new faction of Bayley will overcome and win the first round of the Women's Tag team Championship Tournament.  Sky and Kai had their challenges, especially with Tamina.  But, they did get the job done.  Sky moonsaulted from the top ropes and landed on Tamina for the win.  

Next week, Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Nikki A.S.H. The winner will take on Sky & Kai in the semifinals.  

Kevin Owens demolished Ezekiel

There was supposed to be a scheduled match but Owens pursued Ezekiel with straight assault.  He waisted no time to take out his competitor in which he mocked him for several months about not being Elias.  Is this the end of Ezekiel?  Will Elias return so that the fans can Walk With Elias?  

Owens showed determination, aggression, and focused.  There were no more jokes or too much explanation.  This is the Owens from NXT and the start of the main roster career.  Its good to see this version.  

Finn Balor defeated Rey Mysterio

So much had happened in this segment.  First, Dominik was upset at Edge because he got speared last week. Instead of making mends, he pushed off Edge from an apology acceptance.  Dominik would leave the area having Rey to believe he will return to the ring and stand by his side for the match.  However, it was not the case.  Rey was distracted after seeing his son laid out by Rhea Ripley.  Balor took advantage and hit the Coup of Grave for the win.  

Damian Priest called out at Edge for a match.  The match will take place in two week in Canada.  Priest stated that he wants to embarrass and humiliate Edge at his home country.  

Ripley has been the background force of all the attacks against the Mysterio family.  At what point should we see another superstar that can step up to Ripley?  Or, will there be a mixed gender match?  Ripley needs an opponent.  Although Raquel is on Smackdown and involved with Aliyah in the women's tag team tournament, that would be a great idea for her to tag along with the Mysterios.  

Bobby Lashley defeated Ciampa - United States Championship

Social media and many fans believed Ciampa would win the match.  The Triple H era seemed as he would erase all the wrongdoings Vince McMahon had done in the past and exploit the greatness of the NXT 2019.  In the match, The Miz saved Ciampa from a three count that led AJ Styles to attack him.  The Miz would run across the ring, chased by AJ Styles, distracting Lashley.  But at the end, Lashley would apply the Hurt Lock and made Ciampa tap out.  

The U.S. Championship was the best match so far this year.  With Lashley retaining the title, there can be two possibilities - 1. Ciampa get a rematch because of the distraction. 2. A new contender will step up against the champ.  Could it be Kevin Owens, Omos, or another superstar?

Dexter Lumis returns to WWE

Lumis' storyline was a mystery.  During the Kevin Owens interview, you can notice in the background that Nikki A.S.H. and Duodrop staring at a crashed blue car.  That same car was being towed during the Alexa Bliss & Asuka interview.  The WWE security crew would run past through but there was no knowledge or direction as of yet.  At the end of AJ Styles' match, security are detaining Lumis.  

It is awesome to see the upcoming new superstars from NXT returning to WWE.

AJ Styles defeated The Miz

Omos wins a handicap match.