Raw Review 01.04


On Monday's episode of Raw, it featured legends' appearances and the main event - WWE Championship between the champion Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee. It was an anticipation for something spectacular waiting to happen that left some viewers questioning at the direction Raw is heading. Here are the results and reaction:

The New Day defeated Miz and Morrison

The Miz TV began the opening of Raw. The New Day were the special guests that took over the show. In such, Hall of Fame Teddy Long came out and scheduled a tag team match that would happen immediately.

At the end, Xavier Woods was able to pin John Morrison for the win. The Miz, who was thrown out of the ring, sat outside with an angry and astonishing look. Miz has lost three consecutive matches. Miz has lost five of the last seven participating matches. The one good thing Miz has is the Money in the Bank contract.

Rubric: 2

AJ Styles defeated Elias

Styles came out victorious over Elias for the second straight week. After the match, Jaxson Ryker attempted to attack Styles with the guitar from behind. Omos intervened by kicking the guitar from Ryker's full swing. He would push Styles away and stand in front of Ryker. Ryker bailed out of the ring to avoid any repercussions.

I would like to see Elias gain an upper hand in one of these storylines. The writers keep burying him. On the other side, AJ Styles announced he will be in the Royal Rumble.

Rubric: 3

Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans defeated Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Accidentally, Ric Flair tripled Charlotte that allowed Royce to get a pin for the win. Charlotte was so pissed off that she yelled at Flair. Flair got emotional and walked away in Charlotte's command.

I would expect a rematch for next Monday with a possibility of having the tag team titles on the line. Besides, Charlotte had announced that she will be in the Royal Rumble. I can see Charlotte's attitude change and go straight heel by losing the titles and attempt to win the Royal Rumble to challenge Asuka.

Rubric: 3

Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley

The two superstars are the most talented athletes in the business. Lashley could have won the match if the referee positioned himself at the correct place to see Riddle tap out. Instead, Riddle caught Lashley's guard down when he presumably thought he won and was rolled into a three count.

I believe this was a good way to protect the superstars and build a bigger feud for the United States Championship match.

Rubric: 3

Dana Brooke defeated Shayna Baszler

The execution of the match did not sell correctly to the television viewers. It is understandable that Baszler is a bully when she is in the ring. Brooke surprisingly countered a roll up for a three count. But, the action itself fell short. Anyone else would state it was horrific to see.

Rubric: 1

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy

Orton dominated most of the match. He even pulled on Hardy's open hole, ear lobes as to attempt ripping the ears off. Orton ended the match with an RKO and a pin.

Rubric: 3

The Lucha House Party defeated the Hurt Business

It is not so much about the victory about how the Lucha House Party won. It is the fact that Shelton Benjamin has been the weaker link between him and Cedric Alexander. Each time the Hurt Business loses, Alexander has an attitude that disses Benjamin. MVP was not pleased with the outcome and had to hold Benjamin from chasing Alexander. The issues are real as the Hurt Business have internal problems that need to be resolved quickly or it may cost them to lose the tag team titles.

Rubric: 4

Drew McIntyre defeated Keith Lee

The main event was the best match of the entire 3 hour episode. There is a saying, "sace the best for last." The legends were sitting by the entrance ramp observing the entire match. Two heavyweights gave it their all as if it were a PPV event. Lee countered a Claymore and attempted to hit the Spirit Bomb. McIntyre jumped off and ran to the ropes, gained the momentum of the move and executed the claymore. McIntyre retained his WWE Championship.

After the match, Goldberg made his way to the ring to address the Scottish Champion. Goldberg did not congratulate Drew and made it known how disrespectful, lack of respect, to the legends. Drew stated, "Fighting you would be like fighting my own dad." Goldberg would push McIntyre to the ground and the show cut off.

Rubic: 4 for the WWE Championship

Rubic: 2 for Goldberg's entrance

I would have preferred Brock Lesnar or Braun Strowman. Goldberg just did not sit well for me as a legend himself has called out Drew for a match at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.