Raw Review 01.25


Just a few days away for the Royal Rumble, here are the results from Monday Night Raw.

Drew McIntyre and Goldberg faceoff

McIntyre is back on television after being quarantined for two weeks.  Goldberg and Drew go head to head to finalize their promo for the Royal Rumble.  However, the Miz continues to threaten by stating his claim that he will cash in the money in the bank briefcase.  Will he be able to be successful this time around?

Assessment 3.0

Six woman tag team

Charlotte Flair and Shayna Baszler were suppose to battle one-on-one but was geared to a six women tag team. As a result, Flair, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were defeated by Baszler, Nia Jax, and Lacey Evans.  The WWE Universe had concerns about Dana's landing from a Jax's power slam.  I hope she is okay for the Royal Rumble.  Despite Asuka getting ready for her match, I find it bewildered as to why she did not rescue Charlotte, her one half of the tag team champ.

Assessment 2.0

Xavier Woods defeated Slapjack

It was a great win but left the WWE Universe questioning Mustafa Ali's promo.  Ali mentioned he will enter the royal rumble and replace Kofi Kingston.  But how do we know if Kingston is not going to show up?  Kofi can surprise everyone.  

Assessment 1.0

Riddle wins Gauntlet Match

If you ever doubted that Riddle was going to lose, than you do not know the production to the storyline.  Riddle and US Champion will meet again.  Do not be surprise if Riddle wins the title after the Royal Rumble.  However, focus your attention with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.  It seems as though they will divorce each other.  Expect the Royal Rumble to have them bust open the truth between them.  I believe on their next tag team title defense, they will lose.  Their relationship, along with THB, is fragile.

Assessment 3.0

Edge enters the Royal Rumble

Last year, Edge's entrance was pure epic.  This time, he explains his emotions which is a repeat.  We need something stronger for Edge than explaining why he retired as a champion.  Could this be a moment where Edge wins the Royal Rumble?

Assessment 2.0

Asuka vs Alexa Bliss Raw Women's Championship

Asuka showed no fear against Bliss.  She was ready.  However, Bliss had her emotional and psychological emotions that drew concerns about her personality.  At one point she was Alexa, then she was the original Bliss, and later, the demon Bliss.  At the end, Randy Orton appeared and RKO'd Alexa to end the show.  

Assessment 4.0

Raw is ready for the Royal Rumble.