Raw Review 02.01


Raw Recap - What are we learning now?


Raw started with Edge confronting Drew McIntyre. Instead of harsh words and macho madness, Drew congratulated Edge and stated how much he looked up to him. During his younger years, Edge took Drew under his wing. Fast forward to today, they are both in the middle of the ring - Drew as champion and Edge as the Royal Rumble winner. The keynote on all this is that Edge warned Drew always to watch his back. The statement is so much similar to Keith Lee before Lee lost the title match to Drew. All along, Lee made it loud and clear to Drew not to trust his best friend.

Sheamus is a four-time world champion, two-time United States champion, and a five-time tag team champion. Sheamus adds on an impressive resume with victories at King of the Ring, Royal Rumble, and Money in the Bank. The itch is still there for him as he blindsided Drew by applying the Brogue kick. The theory of being his friend tends to be false. His purpose is to get close until the champion becomes vulnerable. With that, Sheamus took advantage and attacked. Sheamus stated backstage that he was no longer McIntyre's best friend. He wants the WWE Championship.

Later in the show, Drew made an official statement that he will defend his WWE Championship against Sheamus. However, it is not clear as to when or where. There is an assumption that it may take place at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Bobby Lashley

Emotions at times get the best of us. Lashley was eliminated at the Royal Rumble that took four superstars to get him over the ropes. His frustration was demonstrated during his defense match against Riddle. Despite Riddle winning by disqualification, Lashley continued to apply the full nelson. Lashley disregarded MVP and the referees to let Riddle go. Finally, Lashley hurled Riddle over the barriers and that knocked him unconscious.

The act of being very abusive in and outside the ring should call attention to the WWE Authority. The WWE Universe had witnessed this type of action before that resulted in suspension. That superstar is better known as Braun Strowman. What could happen next? Could someone strip the title away from Lashley? Or will there be another superstar of his caliber to confront and stop the Hurt Business? I guess that the storyline will take its path. With two PPVs left before WrestleMania, it could be that the title is set for Riddle in the long run.

Damian Priest

Rumors around the wrestling community speculated that Priest call up happened weeks ago. More than likely, Priest had his last match against Karrion Kross. He did a spectacular job in the Royal Rumble, in which Edge condemned him for it. It reminded me how Undertaker congratulates John Cena on his debut. Priest found himself in a feud with Miz & Morrison. Alongside Priest is a celebrity named Bad Bunny. Although it is not stated how long Bad Bunny will be in the picture, Priest is on the verge of colliding with Miz and Morrison. I would note that Riddle would have been a perfect match, but after what happened on Raw, he is out of the picture. Keith Lee would be an ideal superstar to team up with and battle against Miz & Morrison. Of course, that will all depend on when Lee will return from the COVID-19 protocol.

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

Both these superstars were in a position to be on the rise for stardom. But for some reason, their character seems a bit stale. Alexander is a tag team champion with Shelton Benjamin. But their relationship does not appear to be a team-driven force. MVP needs to realize that Alexander and Benjamin need to battle each other to settle their differences. If not, they will lose their tag team titles soon.

On another note, Ali built Retribution. After getting passed over and realizing that the system is rigged, he developed the group that shocked the entire WWE. From escalating for a war on both Raw and Smackdown, the storyline is focused on one person - Kofi Kingston.

Kingston is not cleared to match in the ring but is supporting Xavier Woods. Ali's plot seems to be diminishing each week. Also, whatever happened to the vast crowd of Retribution? There was an Army, and now it is barely a squad. I believe that Alexander and Ali may head to a different path than what we all had been anticipating.


Ege won the Royal Rumble. He has to decide which champion he will chase to redeem himself as still the greatest champion of all time. Edge had to retire and relinquish the WWE heavyweight championship due to injury. Now, he seeks to become champion as he reminded everyone that he never lost the title.

Please pay close attention to Edge's words in the ring, throughout his promos, and the direct message to Drew McIntyre. Keywords are family, sacrifice, and being on top. Edge had to defeat Randy Orton to get past the obstacles and move on to a new direction to capture a championship. The words Edge used is similar to the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. I predict that Edge will make a surprise appearance on Smackdown and see if either are the "head of the Table."

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