Raw Review 11.02


Randy Orton starts the show and cut a promo.  He stated that he is now "The Legend."  Alexa Bliss would enter the ring and then disappeared.  Drew McIntyre delivered a claymore that laid Orton out.  The Miz and John Morrison would attempt to cash in the MITB briefcase but McIntyre did not allow that to happen.  The Scottish Psychopath would toss both of them out of the ring.  McIntyre stated that no one will take the gold away from Orton but him.  

*Reaction - The triangular pattern for this segment is fantastic.  The creativity has left the fans wondering what could happen next.  The scenario would had been more crazy if Roman Reigns was in the picture.  I would expect Orton and Reigns to meet a week before Survivor Series unless there is a change of titleholders.  Also, McIntyre will continue to push Orton for a match that may result The Fiend to attack both Drew and Randy.

Jeff Hardy defeated Elias

The match was a Guitar on a Pole Match.  It is confusing to have someone grab the guitar, hit your opponent, and still have to pin.  There was only one guitar hanging.  The stipulation was not clear and so was the match.  Elias's return is the same as how he started as a heel.  He can talk, walk, but cannot win a match.  

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeated Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

All four superstars will be teammates by representing Team Raw for the Survivor Series.  Lana's appearance was a distraction that allowed the tag team champions win the match.  That set up a later match with Nia Jax and Lana.  

Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth

Drew Gulak unconsciously wins the 24/7 Championship.   

Braun Strowman wins triple threat match

Strowman defeated Keith Lee and Sheamus to earn a fourth spot in Team Raw for the Survivor Series.  The chaos started when AJ Styles claimed he was team captain.  Somehow, each year, the segment finds itself repeating over and over.  While the members of team Raw disagree on who is captain, the relationship between each superstar is unstable.  If they want to win at Survivor Series, they will need to add one more superstar and get along.  

Firefly Funhouse episode

Alexa Bliss stole the episode by her appearance.  She ended with a great trick.  Her tongue extended leaving Bray Wyatt into amazement.  

Nia Jax defeated Lana

Many are wondering why Lana keeps getting crushed by Jax.  The development to this story should be that Lana will be a babyface soon.  She is on the road to have her moment for WrestleMania.  I would pay attention more on how Lana's character is changing.  

However, Lana's loss in the match cost her a position in Team Raw.  Who will take her place?

The Hurt Business defeated The New Day

The beset thing about this match is that it was a clean win.  Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander have great chemistry to work as an elite tag team.  The storyline is driven to accomplishments and how long they have been in the business.  Therefore, Cedric Alexander has a chance to outshine everyone and gain momentum for a world tag team championship.  

Ricochet defeated Tucker

The match was just okay.  However, Mustafa Ali orchestrated the attack on each of them.  Does this mean Ricochet and Tucker will join together?  And for Retribution, did they give up on The Hurt Business?  Retribution is suppose to be the next hardcore faction that seems it is slipping away from being contenders.  

Drew McIntyre defeated The Miz and John Morrison

McIntyre is the main attraction on Raw.  Whenever Miz and Morrison have their matches, it is known for them to be a form of jobbers with a briefcase.   Things can turn around for The Miz if he is able to eliminate McIntyre.  The question is how and when.  

The Miz wants to be champion; McIntyre wants his revenge with Orton.  The Fiend wants the WWE Championship.  Which superstar will win at the end?