Raw Review and Reaction 08.17


Features:  Asuka and Shayna Baszler tag team against Bayley and Sasha Banks in a non-title match.

Rey Mysterio

Shawn Michaels

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Drew McIntyre starts off the show with his promo.  He wants to humiliate and punish Randy Orton.  During his rant, the retribution went inside the production truck and began to destroy anything in their way.  One of them clicked a button that turned off the broadcast.  USA Network went to a commercial break.  

WWE returns to broadcast and MVP and the Hurt Business begins their promo.  He believes Apollo Crews has something to do with the cause of chaos by Retribution.  Crews comes out and challenges Shelton Benjamin with a stipulation.  Should Crews win, Bobby Lashley and Benjamin will not be allowed to be around the ring at Summerslam with MVP.  

Apollo Crews defeated Shelton Benjamin

Akira Tozawa and the Ninjas chased R-Truth for the 24/7 title that sort of disrupted the match.  However, Crews rolled Benjamin for a three-count.  MVP and Lashley rushed in the ring and jumped on Crews.  Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander run to the rescue.  At the end, R-Truth came out running to Benjamin's foot and was KO'd.  Benjamin pinned R-Truth to become the new 24/7 champion.  Also, MVP called out Crews again for a six-man elimination tag team match.  

Angel Garza vs. Ivar

Garza defeated Ivar.  However, the real story was the aftermath. There has been news that Angelo Dawkins and Samoa Joe know about that is a suspense to everyone.  It has Garza and Zelina Vega nervous.  

Breaking News

Zelina Vega is responsible for poisoning Montez Ford.  I guess Bianca Belair knew it all along.  

Natalya defeated Mickie James

The match has been a shadow from Seth Rollins confronting Samoa Joe.  



Asuka and Shayna Baszler defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley

The match had so much action.  Each superstar performed superb.  There was a hiccup for Baszler as Nia Jax returned from suspension and tried to take her out.  It backfired as Baszler returned to the ring to aid Asuka.  She made Bayley tap out for the win.  

Peyton Royce defeated Ruby Riott

The Iiconics know how to cause drama to other tag teams.  Royce was able to push Riott to collide behind Liv Morgan.  Then, she grabbed Riott and pushed her into the ring where she capitalized on her signature move for the win.  

WWE Raw Underground

Erik from the Viking Raiders won his first match.  Dolph Ziggler rated him 4 out of ten which resulted in a match.  Ziggler defeated Erik by rear neck choke with a poke in the eye.  Ivar was so upset that he charged at Ziggler.  He sent him flying out of the mat.  

Riddick Moss vs Arturo Ruas

Both these superstars brought it all with an action pack maneuvers and punches. The fight ended in a no contest.  

*Reaction - The underground is getting to be better each week.  However, only a few stars keep appearing for contest.  Moss, Ruas, Ziggler and the Viking Raiders are seen each week.  Who else will appear in the show?

Six man tag team elimination match

In quick result, Bobby Lashley eliminated Mustafa Ali.  Ricochet eliminated by Shelton Benjamin.  It is now three on one.  Apollo Crews is going solo.

Crews eliminated Benjamin and it is now 2:1 and Cedric Alexander pinned Benjamin for the 24/7 title.  

Crews eliminate MVP.  Bobby Lashley speared Crews for the win.  

*Reaction - Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley managed to defeat Crews.  MVP still has no victory.  How long before Benjamin and Lashley hang on with MVP?  MVP seem to be the only person to want the United States title.  Who really deserves the shot for that title?

24/7 Championship

Cedric Alexander defended the title and defeated Akira Tozawa.  Without knowing, Cedric did not protect himself that resulted Shelton Benjamin to sneak from behind and pin Alexander.  Benjamin reclaims the title.  

Montez Ford defeated Andrade

Ford got his revenge and comes back with a victory over Andrade.  Bianca Belair returned to add more pain to Zelina Vega.  


Randy Orton keeps his status alive as he punts HBK, similar to how Pat McAfee did to Adam Cole on NXT.  Orton quickly went in the ring, turned HBK around and RKO'd him and then a punt.  Drew McIntyre came in for the rescue but Orton dodged away.  Later, Orton attempted a surprise attack only to get caught by the Psychopath.  McIntyre pounced away and threw Orton over the commentator's table.  However, McIntyre never watched his back as he entered the ring.  Orton came back and RKO'd Drew to end the show.