Raw Women's Championship can make a turn


On March 22, 2021, Rhea Ripley made her official debut on WWE Raw. The Nightmare confronted the Raw Women's Champion Asuka for a challenge at WrestleMania for the title. The Empress stated that she is not ready for Asuka but accepted the challenge.

Ripley stated that Charlotte was out because of COVID-19, and therefore there was no opponent for Asuka. We all know that COVID is a tough virus and usually lasts between 10-14 days. There is no report as to how Charlotte is feeling or her condition. It is more than a rumor that Charlotte was going to be the one to challenge Asuka. However, Ripley seemed the better superstar to become the first-ever to debut in the ring at WrestleMania for a championship match. The last superstar to win a title in their debut was Paige. She defeated AJ Lee on April 7, 2014, on Monday Night Raw. Gail Kim made her debut on June 30, 2003, and won the Women's Championship battle.

My Thoughts:

I do like the Asuka and Ripley match-up. However, given the circumstances, what would happen if Charlotte would recover just in time for WrestleMania? I believe that if Charlotte is healthy enough, a big surprise can happen at WrestleMania and have Charlotte change the match into a triple threat. At WrestleMania 36, Charlotte defeated Ripley and won the NXT Women's Championship. It was the first time in WWE history to have an NXT title in WrestleMania.