Rey Mysterio Out of Action


WWE reported that Rey Mysterio suffered a torn tricep at Payback.  According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Mysterio will not need surgery.  So, what is a torn tricep?  

The triceps brachii muscle runs from the back of the shoulder o the back of the elbow.  Its primary role is to straighten the elbow and support elbow stability as it goes threw the motions. Professional wrestlers use their arms with motions, strength, and support maneuver stunts.  For Rey, he is a quick, high flyer athlete that takes a lot of bumps and bruises.  Repetitive actions or extreme force that exceeds the muscle fibers can tear tissues or tendons.  Many athletes complain of pain and swelling along the back of the elbow and an inability to straighten the arm.   In this case, it is the most probably cause as to why Mysterio is out of action.  

If Mysterio would had gone through surgery, it would have taken approximately four to six month to gain full range of motion.  Luckily,  he does not need surgery and should be out two to four months, depending how much strength and motion Mysterio is able to handle.