Rhea Ripley is always on top.


Rhea Ripley has successfully retained the WWE Women's World Championship over Becky Lynch.  In the last two WrestleManias, Ripley has defeated two icons (previously Charlotte Flair).  She is "The Mami" and always on top, especially her finishing moves in the ring.  In her position, which superstar can dethrone her.  Could there be another Cody Rhodes story in the women's division?  It is starting to become that way with the aggressiveness of Liv Morgan.  

Morgan deliberately attacked Ripley backstage.  It may be the frustration of always finishing second or not able to get that push to get another title opportunity.  That all changed now that she is on the offense and is targeting Ripley.  

WWE Backlash is happening in Lyon, France.  This will be the best opportunity for Morgan to get her chance at a world championship.