Ricochet returning?


Despite being a phenomenally talented and phenomenal wrestler, Ricochet has not yet achieved great results on the WWE main roster. The athlete, belonging to the Monday Night RAW roster, after a great start with the conquest of the WWE United States Championship, has increasingly taken the back seat, unable to carve out a leading role. - The Shield of Wrestling

I agree with Simone Degano, the writer of this particular story. In what looked like a sure future star for the WWE, Ricochet found himself backstage more often than on television. Paul Heyman had the vision to place Ricochet and Aleister Black in front. With their success in NXT, the WWE Universe wanted them to conquer the main roster. Somehow, the plans changed. Paul Heyman was removed as the director in Raw. Then, the domino effect happened. Ricochet kept fading away each week. Now, who knows which road Ricochet may take. He is still under contract through 2024. It would be best for Ricochet to return to NXT and dominate as he did years ago.