Injuries escalating in sports


Regardless if you train hard for your profession, there is always a chance you can get injured.  Unfortunately, these highly trained athletes have suffered an extreme injury that may result in significant time of absence to recover.  

During NXT Live Espisode, Ridge Holland defeated Danny Burch.  The brawl continued after the match with Oney Lorcan.  While Holland was outside the ring, Lorcan leaped over the ropes and landed on Holland.  Holland's leg buckled and his left ankle twisted in an awkward way.  Referees immediately covered Holland while another signaled an "X" for real life injury.   

WWE confirmed that Holland suffered a dislocated and broken left ankle, ruptured his patellar tender along with a patellar dislocation.  He went underwent Surgery on October 8 and will be out six to eight months.  

The same injury happened to Dak Prescott from the NFL Dallas Cowboys.  Prescot Suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle.  During the New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys game, Prescott was running when Giants defensive back Logan Ryan tackled him.  Prescott held his left leg in which looked like he had a cramp.  After the close view of his leg, a shockwave was sent to all the viewers witnessing Prescott's ankle dangling.  There was flood of emotions from both teams, the fans, and social media.  

An update on Prescott is determined that he had a successful surgery.  He will be out six to eight months.  More on this topic on the #CMGSports "Keyes Two The City Podcast."

The Takeaway

1. Balance Yourself

2. Build Up Ankle Strength

3. Strengthen Your Core

4. Improve Flexibility

5. Progressive Activity

6. Brace For It.  

The Athletico Physical Therapy are the medical professionals that handle high extreme athletes.  You can also read the research on ankle sprain from the American College of Sports Medicine.  

Other injuries in NXT:

-Karrion Kross, separated shoulder

-Tegan Nox, ACL

-Finn Balor, broken jaw

[all in the past seven weeks]