Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce?


After Friday night Smackdown on Fox, Roman Reigns pushed Adam Pearce out of his comfort zone with Paul Heyman's help to be involved in the Gauntlet match. Jey Uso kicked Pearce and dragged him over the unconscious Shinsuke Nakamura to get a pinfall count. The "Official" Pearce is scheduled to challenge the Tribal Chief for the Royal Rumble. But is this move logical for those involved?

The Royal Rumble is one of the top four pay per views in the WWE. If there is a star that can be a game-changer, it would be Kevin Owens. Owens was attacked the week prior and was not shown on television last Friday. You can believe Owens was resting and taking care of his injuries. Because of Pierce's action to grant a match with Owens and Uso a week prior that caused the chaos for Pearce, I would bet that Owens would return next Friday and back up Pierce. Somehow, Owens will squeeze his way in to help Pearce get off the hook. While Uso is wrestling Nakamura in a scheduled match, Owens could assault Reigns and disrespect him.

On the other hand, Nakamura is wanting his place as the number one contender that is rightfully earned. He pinned Daniel Bryan to close out the match. Could the Royal Rumble match be a triple threat? Or will Nakamura be forgotten after Friday and have him enter the Royal Rumble?

There are so many angles that can happen next Friday. What do you think will happen this upcoming Friday?  Leave your comments below.