Roman Reigns' Heel Turn


It has been reported by many sources that Roman Reigns wanted to turn heel for a long time.  The question is...when would he had changed to a new gimmick?  In October 2018, Reigns announced on nationally televised WWE Raw segment that he had cancer and had to relinquish the WWE Championship.  Four months later, The Big Dog returned and stated, "I'm in remission y'all."  Year 2019 was the comeback year for Reigns as the Universe cheered for him.  

Now we are in 2020 and the world has been effected to change on the coronavirus pandemic.  Reigns opted to not wrestle at Wrestlemania versus Goldberg.  Respecting his health and family's as well, he took some time off.  His return at Summerslam sparked millions around the world.  He is built, stronger, and has whiter teeth.  The best part - he is now working with Paul Heyman.  Reign's new motto is "Wreck everyone & Leave."  That does sound like a Paul Heyman guy.  

It makes sense to have Heyman on his side to show everyone that he is legit a heel.  This will work great for him as he adds diversity to his gimmick.  A character like him can balance from good and bad.  When Reigns finishes his storyline with Braun Strowman and The Fiend, who will step up to the Big Dog?  The answer is unknown as WWE is at their halfway point for the grandest stage, WrestleMania.  Could there be a Big E vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WresleMania 37?  

What are your thoughts?