Royal Rumble Forecast


Women's Royal Rumble Prediction:

This is a prediction on who may enter the 30-women royal rumble.  AJ Lee has been reported as a surprise entry to the event. Since CM Punk is back, many believe she may make one appearance.  

Bayley is one of the favorites to win the royal rumble.  However, there is doubt from Damage CTRL.  The Kabuki Warriors won their second tag team titles on Smackdown.  The group did not Hi-Five her during their initial celebration.  In order for Bayley to win, she made need help.  It is a long shot and a hard prediction - Sasha Banks can make a huge impact and help Bayley win.  And if that should happen, Bayley will not chase Rhea Ripley.  She will turn on Damage CTRL and seek the title from IYO SKY.  

Bianca Belair is convinced that she will win the royal rumble.  She wants to stop Bayley but Jade Cargill may surprise everyone and throw Belair over the ropes. That is a bold statement but why not have Belair vs Cargill at WrestleMania!  

Trish Stratus and Lita, the Hall of Famers, can appear.  But there is unfinished business as Lita may revenge Stratus from her past attack.  

Becky Lynch has her eyes on Rhea Ripley but she has to get by the other 29 superstars.  One in particular is Nia Jax as her return has improved throughout the weeks.  

Elektra Lopez attacked Zelina Vega from behind causing distraction and having Santos Escobar defeat Carlito.  Their feud can spark in the ring.  

All other superstars are filled with jobbers to elevate other superstars' storyline.

Wild Card: Xia Li

Final Prediction in the HHWShow Podcast

Men's Royal Rumble

Should Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and LA Knight do not participate in the royal rumble, The list of names is projected to be involved.  I do see a big surprise with "The Rock" being a surprise entry to the event.  The Rock is now with the board of directors with TKO Group/WWE.  He did tease to have a seat at the head of the table.  

Gunther is favorite to win the royal rumble.  A debate can be said about CM Punk and Cody Rhodes.  This has to be the hardest prediction in all royal rumble premium live events.  Many superstars have angles that can disrupt the favorites.  As of now, Gunther is the only superstar that has not been confronted, chased, or mentioned.  Gunther made his appearance on Raw and stood face-to-face with Seth "Freakin" Rollins.  

Prediction in the HHWShow Podcast