Royal Rumble Possibility


The Royal Rumble will take place Sunday, January 31, 2021, and WWE has one more Smackdown episode to close out the promos to attract a bigger audience. Marc Middleton, from Wrestling Inc, mentioned an interesting rumor from a source. The men's royal rumble may end in a big surprise. As stated in the HHWShow Podcast, the United States and the start of the year 2021 started a new beginning by making history by having the first woman and black Vice President. Could we see something new in the Royal Rumble? Middleton quoted from his source that the finish can be terrifying. Just mentioning the word "scary" tells me that The Fiend can be in the picture. Last year, WWE surprised everyone with Edge's appearance. Could it be that The Fiend will play a significant impact on the royal rumble result? Rumor has it that Daniel Bryan is considered the top superstar to win the event. However, I have a different theory, different from what I stated in the podcast.

Let's say that I believe in the rumors floating around the Wrestling Community. Should the Fiend make his presence, I can assume that Randy Orton and Edge be the final two superstars in the Royal Rumble. That would cancel out Daniel Bryan. The lights go out, the screeching noise of the Fiend's music plays, and the Fiend appears in the middle of the ring. With a three-way standoff, the Fiend eliminates Randy Orton and himself with the lights going out again. When the lights turn on, Edge is standing alone in the middle of the ring. Edge main events WrestleMania.

There are 12 open slots for the men's royal rumble. The HHWShow cast made their prediction about who will be a big surprise and the Royal Rumble winner.