Royal Rumble - The Takeaway


The 2021 Royal Rumble took place Sunday night on the WWE network. There were surprise moments, and there were not right calls, as I will explain in this blog by elimination.

Men's Royal Rumble:

Edge and Randy Orton

On WWE Backstage, it was announced that Randy Orton would be the number one and Edge number two entries. Was this a botch? What happened? Somehow, it was switched for Edge to enter the ring first. Edge wasted no time and went after Orton through the ramp. Orton was hit several times with the chair that resulted from him missing the majority of the rumble.

Elimination 1

Jeff Hardy lasted three minutes and was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. There was no action for Hardy, and it is left wondering what would be next for him. I would have thought he would meet Elias, but it never happened.

Elimination 2

Sami Zayn talked so much and protested throughout Smackdown. He interfered with the Intercontinental Championship between Big E and Apollo Crews. Karma came to reality for Zayn as he was bullied out of the ring by Xavier Woods & Big E. I expect Zayn to be more vocal than ever in the next episode of Smackdown.

Elimination 3 & 4

Mustafa Ali eliminated Xavier Woods. Ali, who had been targeting Woods because he wanted revenge on Kofi Kingston, made it known that he is finally in the rumble. However, Ali's action had consequences as he was thrown out of the ring by Big E.

Elimination 5

Carlito made a surprise appearance by entering number eight. He was there for eight minutes before being eliminated by Elias. Carlito did not do much in the ring, but his physical appearance looked ripped. Could Carlito make another run in the WWE? We should find out on Monday Night Raw.

Elimination 6,7,8

Damian Priest entered at number 14. The former NXT North American Champion lasted 15 minutes and made a strong presence for the WWE Universe to know that he is the real deal. It is safe to say that he is officially on the main roster. He eliminated Elias, The Miz, and John Morrison. Priest assisted Bad Bunny (Special Guest singer) as he was the cue to have Bunny jump from the top corner ropes and landed on Miz & Morrison.

Elimination 9 & 10

Kane, entry number 18, eliminated Ziggler and Ricochet. Kane will never miss the Royal Rumble, whether he is the Mayor or any other political position.

Elimination 11

Priest continued to show his strong presence by eliminating Kane. The elimination marked his fourth in his debut. And if you stop Kane, that means you are the next chosen one to be a top superstar.

Elimination 12 & 13

King Corbin eliminated Shinsuke Nakamura, who lasted 22 minutes and Otis, who barely did anything in the Rumble.

Elimination 14

However, Dominik Mysterio eliminated King Corbin, and that fueled Corbin. If I were Dominik, I would watch his own back because Corbin will not let it go.

Elimination 15 - 18

Bobby Lashley entered the royal rumble at 22. He eliminated Priest and Dominik. Lashley and Big E collaborated to eliminate Hurricane Helms. Throughout the rumble, it was interesting to see Lashley and Big E battle. It was a dream match happening in the middle of the ring. We witnessed the United States Champion vs. Intercontinental Champion. Christian, Daniel Bryan, and Riddle joined the fun and helped Big E throw Lashley over the ropes. Therefore, with Riddle assisting, Lashley will seek revenge on Riddle. Both Lashley and Riddle are expected to challenge soon for the United States Championship.

Elimination 19 & 20

Amos, the 7 foot 3 inches bodyguard of AJ Styles, was a big difference-maker for Styles. Twice, AJ Styles was about to be eliminated in the match but was saved by Amos. Amos eliminated Big E and Rey Mysterio. I could understand that he is there to save AJ Styles. But, for a person not involved in the rumble, it is hard to swallow to have an outsider interfere in the match. Big E and Mysterio (both from Smackdown) were extremely disappointed, but nothing can do. Big E tried to assault Olmos. Amos put his hand out, grabbed Big E by the head, pushed him over the announcer's table, and went straight to the floor.

Elimination 21-23

Despite Omos being at AJ Styles's side, that did not stop Braun Strowman to eliminate Styles as he threw him at the other side of the ring. Cesaro and Sheamus were eliminated by Strowman as well.

Elimination 24, 25, & 26

Seth Rollins returns from a long period of absence. He sacrificed himself at Survival Series, and now he went out with a small bang. He eliminated Daniel Bryan, Riddle, and Christian. The good thing about all this is that Riddle and Rollins were able to battle each other. There was so much animosity between the two previously. Rumors were floating around that they both had an understanding and moved on. It proved that they both were mutual professional wrestlers. For Daniel Bryan, his dream to get back to the main event WrestleMania came to an end.

Elimination 27, 28, 29.

At this point, we are down to the final four. However, many would believe Christian was part of the last four. That is because we did not see Randy Orton throughout the battle. Edge was able to eliminate Braun Strowman, Edge and Rollins battled to a future dream match. Once Edge eliminated Rollins, Orton attempted to RKO edge. However, it backfired and Edge threw Orton over the ropes for the win.

Edge wins!

Key note:  Keith Lee did not participate because of COVID-19.  Jey Uso was pulled from the event.  It is unknown as to the reasons for this decision.  Lastly, the eliminations done seemed to be in order of precedence.  There was not a random superstar to eliminate  anyone else.  More on these topics on the HHWShow Podcast, Tuesday, 08:00 PM ET.

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