Rumors: John Cena in the Royal Rumble?


It has been rumored that John Cena will return for another match at WrestleMania 37.  Although the opponent has not been revealed and all of this is a rumor, what if it is true?  How can Cena return after disappearing from his match in WrestleMania 36 losing to "The Fiend?"  There has to be a logic behind all this.  Cena has a new look and it can be fitting to see Cena return at the Royal Rumble.  

Vince McMahon can have something up his sleeve.  Another rumor that is trending in social media and wrestling community outlets is that the royal rumble can have a scary ending.  The Fiend has not been seen since his defeat against Randy Orton.  With Orton in the match, could the Fiend provide the scary outcome and bring back Cena, eliminate Orton and win the Royal Rumble? 

Predicting Cena to return for the royal rumble is a long shot.  It would be awesome to see a scenario like this that would boost the writers to a huge success.  We will  have to wait Sunday night to see if Cena returns.  


John Cena moved over to Hollywood to have a full career in acting.  He completed the movie F9-Fast in the Furious.  He three post-productions in movies - The Suicide Squad, Project X-Traction, and Vacation Friends.  Cena is hosting the series Wipeout that is currently filming.  Later, Cena will be in a movie called The Hanson Directive which is in pre-production.  

Cena has a busy schedule and it is hard to predict if he will be at the event.  If so, it would bigger than Edge's appearance last year.