Rumors: Riddle vs. Rollins


Matt Riddle is having a successful career in the Smackdown Brand.  He has a record of 10-5 with the greatest impact after moving from NXT was his victory over A.J. Styles in a non-title match.  It could had been a historic match if the title was on the line.  With accusations against Riddle by Candy Cartwright and the #speakupmovement, the title match could had been change because of it.  Matt Riddle is a star and will continue to succeed but there seems to be heated stories behind the scenes in which rumors do spread around the wrestling community.  

The latest rumors are about Riddle and Seth Rollins. Multiple sources quoted Rollins stating, "I've got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to Raw as far as I'm concerned." The reason for this negative comment is geared to Riddle's wife's Instagram post that was deleted.

Here is my take on this:

It was mentioned that Riddle had issues with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. Yet, Riddle has moved up to the main roster and feuded with Styles, King Corbin, and matched head-to-head with Sheamus. Candy Cartwright filed a $10 million lawsuit against Riddle, WWE, and Evolve for alleged sexual assault. Now, Riddle's wife made a comment that was later deleted. Is this for real, or does this lead up to something bigger? At this current state, I do not know that a superstar dictates who they will match. The big boss, Vince McMahon, has a say on all that.

WWE Superstars are professional and as expected, Seth Rollins should hold no grudge about people talking smack. We would assume Rollins learned his lesson when he made unnecessary comments during a Twitter war with Will Ospreay. In my opinion, who cares what Riddle's wife view of things. Should they both remain on Smackdown; eventually, they will cross paths and match up. The WWE Universe would love to see it happen.

On the other hand, we have seen AJ Styles move to Raw. The Rumor may be factual since Paul Heyman is on Smackdown and is blamed for The O.C. to be released. Should Riddle move to Raw, it will only explain that absolute superstars do have power over others. If so, that isn't good for business.